Playing this wonderful, challenging, yet sometimes terribly difficult game gives you and I a lifetime of tennis fun.  But to my mind, there are so many elements to master, that it can be nearly impossible to sort out the grips, the stances, the tactics and so much more.  And to view many of the magazines, it appears we are simply given a host of tips without any way to categorize or simplify the material.  To my mind, and reader I sincerely believe this will help you, there are simply 5 fundamental areas, the 5 lessons (to borrow a phrase from Ben Hogan) as it were, that give you the keys to playing better tennis.  Further, as I know more about your game, I can direct you to the specific lesson that will most address your present needs.  Simply put, there are 5 keys, 5 areas of mastery to play this game well.

  1. Balance Posture Leverage and Footwork
  2. Hitting the Ball
  3. Spinning the Ball
  4. Court Awareness
  5. Getting into the Point

All the posts, instructional products, webinars, evaluations and more will fall within one of these simple five categories.  And I believe that the simplicity that flows from these five keys will open the door for you to significantly improve your game.

When you are green you are growing – when ripe you fall off the tree – here is to the green and the growing !!!!!

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