Bank of the West – Agi Radwanska – thru to the quarterfinals

Defense wins matches.  Djokovic proves this day in and day out.  Radwanska does the same.  Excellent movement, adequate though not overpowering on the serve, but as the match progresses most of her opponents know they will have to win the match because as often as not she will not “lose the match.”

Misaki Doi, who played so well against CiCi Bellis in the first round, was cruising with a 62 20 lead.  Serving well, groundstrokes very close to the lines, as Agi pounded her racquet against the ground in frustration.

Then perhaps there was a turing point, though it is impossible to determine exactly when these sorts of things occur.  In a long sequence at 2-0, Misaki had a chance to finish with a well placed overhead winner but instead drove it up the middle – Agi deflected a very high defensive lob, the point continued, Misaki was outplayed with both players at the net – and then somehow the wheels came off – and Radwanska won the next 12 games.

Somehow this speaks to belief.  About either believing you will win, and or simply hoping your opponent will lose.  It is impossible to know whether Doi would have won the match had she converted that point and the ensuing game, but as the match continued it appeared she had lost her “belief.”

But all credit to Radwanska – for her movement and outstanding defensive skills can weather all but the most server offensive storms. Final score 16 62 60. !!

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