ONLY for Tennis Players ready to take their serve to the next level:

"How to build your serve in 6 short weeks – You'll have more rhythm, consistency and pop... Guaranteed."

"That's right. The serve is one of the most critical parts of the game and sadly 9 out 10 people make the same mistakes. Let me assure you, a vastly improved serve is within your reach and I can help you get there...Are you ready to take the challenge?"

- Jim McLennan

SORRY! Due to the high demand, Building The Serve
online coursework & the stroke review coaching program is FULL at this time.

Thanks for stopping by to check out BTS… and I’m sorry you missed out on getting in the program.

You see, the program is all filled up right now. HOWEVER, we have a NOTIFICATION LIST in case you want to be notified when we open it back up. Please fill in your primary email address and I will make sure to keep you posted on news as it becomes available.

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Read on to learn more about Building The Serve from the Ground UP

Suppose you could follow some straight forward lessons, easy-to-understand on court exercises and instructional videos that guide you step-by-step all the way to a better serve? Not only that but imagine, having your serve reviewed, that’s right-yours not mine or a pro’s, and know exactly what to do to improve your serve.

Imagine walking on court full of new found confidence in your killer serve.

More pop. Big serves to the corners. Wicked spin. And most importantly,
(and no this is not as boring as it sounds) a reliable rock solid second


You're BTS (Building The Serve) system is nothing short of exceptional. Really. A very simple, sequential, stepwise learning system that will improve damn near ANYONE, beginners to advanced players.

Accompanying the text with short video explanations and demonstrations improves learning tremendously. I'm looking forward to taking this journey and developing my serve, especially for USTA league play, and plan on extending this knowledge to one of my promising high school players. I'm probably going to have him sign up to your site just like I have.

Thanks so much!!!.

- Armand Gallanosa
Anderson, IN

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have the right tools and a plan in place. You see, your serve will not improve unless you focus on the basics and break the bad habits.  I’ve seen it a thousand times.

The serve is the most important part of your tennis game, and equally the most difficult stroke to master. For when serving well, everything falls into place, but when serving poorly and without confidence, your entire game often goes to pieces.

Does the following stuff drive YOU crazy?

Serving poorly in front of others
Losing when you expect to win
Inability to sort through the welter of confusing instructional material full of shortcuts that really don’t work
Bullet Reaching a plateau with your serve where any further improvement is blocked
Bullet Seeing others serve so much better than you
Bullet Lacking pop on your serve
Bullet Difficulty mastering a spin serve

If any of these sound familiar, then don’t stop here - read on.

In fact, I have distilled what I have learned over the last 35 years as a teacher and player in to a comprehensive online, interactive course.

I have spent the last two years carefully assembling this into a unique product that will work for players, coaches and students of the game - no matter what their level.

Tennis is a game for a lifetime. 

And if you are like me, you are always looking for ways to improve. One of the best ways to improve your game is to focus on your serve.

Nothing more and nothing less.

But, you want to improve your serve - right?

If so then I’ll ask you what I ask my students...

  • Do you want more pop on your serve?
  • Is your toss all over the place?
  • Do you want specific exercises and drills to improve?
  • Is your second serve reliable or a liability?
  • Are you finding that your serve is inconsistent
  • Does your elbow or shoulder hurt at the end of the game?

If you want to improve, practice makes perfect, but only when practicing perfectly.

That's right, without structured and guided practice, it is next to impossible to break a bad habit, much less take your serve to the next level.  It’s all about breaking it down into manageable chunks and knowing exactly what to do each step of the way. 

But once done, this will change your world.

The serve is the most misunderstood aspect of the game.

But an improvement on the serve, as Sampras would attest, will take your game to new heights.  In fact, when asked about his 7 Wimbledon titles, he simply replied, “I had the best second serve in the game!”

The problem is without a personalized step-by-step plan, there’s just no way to get better.

This is not some DVD or ebook. It's unlike anything you may have seen before. This truly unique approach combines interactive coursework integrated with instructional videos, on court exercises, and a method to evaluate your own serve followed by guided practice.

In this course you will discover...

Exactly what to do to improve your serve with ….

  • 12 proven on court exercises, each designed to teach you a specific
    component of the serve
  • 8 key sequential elements that create an image in your mind’s eye. You
    will be able to more easily model and change your serve when you can
    clearly see how it looks and where you are going
  • 13 feature articles describing in depth core issues surrounding an
    effortless serve
  • Your self assessment, coupled with my review and structured feedback will direct you to the specific exercises, elements and articles that address your own needs

And much, much more!

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

A good question.  But first a genuine proviso. 

So much of the tennis teaching craft entails self promotion. Whether in person, or online, teachers are selling themselves.

But there is no way for you to know whether a former player will be a good teacher.

And no way to know if the methods of a teacher will speak to your own learning style.

I hope you judge me simply by the tone and content of the posts you have received. 

That said, the following is a simple thumbnail of my background:

  • As a player and teacher for 40 plus years I am the sum total of the coaching I received from Blackie Jones, Tom Stow and Don Kerr. 
  • Blackie Jones was our neighborhood coach, but from a small group of young boys we have 5 full time tennis professionals and one who reached a top twenty world ranking
  • Tom Stow, “the Maestro,”, coached American Grand Slam Champion Don Budge,  pioneered teaching the All Court Forcing Game, and legions of players and teachers flowed from his work at the Berkeley Tennis Club and then Silverado Resort
  • Don Kerr, Tulane tennis coach and genuine Renaissance Man authored work on gravity motion, and brought insights from his work with world champion badminton players to the tennis world.  Interestingly the badminton clear is an exact copy of the Sampras service motion.
  • I played four years of college tennis, first at Chico State and then for Cal Berkeley
  • I have held regional and national rankings in men’s open and senior divisions
  • I developed and patented a teaching aide, “the Whistler”, and used the device to study the effects of biomechanical feedback on the serve.
  • Presented dozens of seminars on the serve, gravity motion (footwork) and teaching methods to regional, national and international tennis teacher conferences.
  • Editor of
  • Tennis Director at Fremont Hills Country Club in Los Altos Hills, California
  • Created The Secrets of World Class Footwork - featuring Stefan Edberg (video) and Tennis Footwork – the complete training manual
Tennis Footwork
  • Creator of Mastering The Kick Serve
  • Creator of ETI•Network, a unique online membership community for players committed to taking their game to the next level.

I continue to study the art and science of the tennis teaching craft and think of myself as a life long student of the game.

But I’m not writing you today to talk about myself. I want to tell you about…

Below are
testimonials from BTS Owners and subscribers to my free report and email tennis tips.

Let them speak for themselves.


"Having gone through Jim's program on building the serve, I now CRINGE when I see other instructors teaching the serve. Very few instructors teach this way. This program will give you a clear advantage and put you on the path to developing a technically sound serve. It's the best program that I have come across for the serve."

-Ed Harycki
Philadelphia, PA



"I have taken lessons from several coaches in person and on the internet before, I have never seen a coach who put so much premium on rhythm and balance for a serve.

Most coaches would tell you to get a consistent toss, but very few would tell you how to do it. Well, Jim is the first person who told me how to do it. After I learnt how to serve with rhythm and balance and stick to it, I cut my double faults way way down. Getting more pace on the serve is icing on the cake. Thanks Jim.

-Kwok Kwan
San Diego, California



"One of my 16 year old juniors loosened his grip and the serve improved almost immediately"

- Kevin Hawkesworth
United Kingdom



"Your tip on the 3R's - ready/read/react was amazing. After I received this tip, I went out the next day to put it into use and what an amazing game I had.

I was able to put more points away because I was actually getting to the balls with plenty of time to get set up and react. Thanks so much. I can't wait to receive more tips from you and I cannot say enough how much I appreciate your help with my tennis."

-Betty Huang
Vancouver, BC




After reading "Are you making these 5 costly mistakes on your serve?" I was able to implement the techniques and gain some additional power on my serve.

In addition, my balance is better and thus I am moving better to my first shot. Thanks a million!"

- Bob Hartwick
Harbor Springs, MI



"Your serve tips have helped me improve my JV (Junior Varsity) tennis team's serves across the board"

- Ann Loose
Albuquerque, New Mexico




Your "5 costly mistakes" piece was very helpful. ... I found some specific nuggets. One example: You seem to promote the idea of separating the toss motion from the serve motion, and static balance is the way to do it.

A big idea! Works for me! Thanks."

-Fred L. Carrillo
Hilton Head Island, SC




Your report breaks the [details] down to something I can understand.

I tried it out. It feels like that is the first time I know what I am doing when serving.

Although it will take me some time to figure everything out and get used to the rhythm, the information immediately removes fear from me.

I no longer fear what my next serve will come out as I now know exactly what goes wrong when my serve does not land in.

To say the least, your report is a lighthouse to me. I think I have finally found the shore after all these years."

-Pluto Ng
Hong Kong



"Jim, After reading your serving report my eyes were opened: I was holding my racket much too firmly.

After loosening my grip my serve improved and I do not get a sore arm after serving anymore. Thanks for the help."

- Daniel McCarry
United Kingdom




First, let me thank you for the wonderful tips and instructions.

Second, I want you to know that I am 63 years old, played tennis for over 40 years, and now I play every day. I have no talent for the game, but I am a student of the game. I usually identify a small thing to improve but it typically takes me at least 6 months to incorporate it in my game.

Anyway, a few days ago I read your piece about a "cop or a watchmaker", and it dawned on me that I should try watching the racquet head of the guys I hit with, just as you describe it.

I tried it three days in a row with three different partners that I regularly play against. I've known that I strike the ball better than they do, but I had difficulties winning against them on a consistent basis.

Well, nothing short of a miracle happened!

The difference in our tennis ability materialized out of nowhere, I was never out of breath, most of the time in good position, and even toyed with them at times (a bit cheeky of me to say that!). To add to the enjoyment, the 3 gentlemen are respectively 35, 38 and 40 years old!

I confess that I have never experienced such instant improvement from such an excellent tip.

Many thanks”

- T. N.



"Excellent, excellent. You really have captured the concept of the slice serve. That's the way that Dennis Van Der Meer personally demonstrated it to
me almost 25 years ago and and I still use it personally in my game that way.

Now, teaching it the concept, that's another story, but with your analogy, and perception, it gives me extra words to descibe the swing pattern and the toss pattern.

Thank you"

- Dave Gongora


What this is NOT:

This is NOT a book you just download and read…
This is NOT a video series of exercises…
This is NOT a quick-fix solution to some bad habits...
This IS a proven way to deconstruct and improve your serve from the ground up

Why You Can NOT “Get” This From a Book, Magazine, or DVD…

Improving your serve is a step by step process. But this process must be a personalized, not generalized. Your service motion, experience, injury history, goals and more make this project unique for you and you alone.

The general instructional material in books, magazines or DVD’s is directed at the “universal” reader with verbal or visual prompts that may or may not address your own individual issues.

But if you were to decide exactly how you wanted to rebuild your serve, much like building (or remodeling) a house, it would begin with a set of blueprints, then a foundation, and then a specific sequence of steps.

Let me be your general contractor – I can rebuild your serve!


Was poking around the snap at the fence exercise. Discovered that by adjusting my swing path I could also use the eastern backhand grip comfortably without hurting my wrist...even got some very nice serves in.

Amazing, I have already gotten multiple times the value of the cost of your course by just being curious and willing to listen to you.

- Rodger Schuester
Vallejo, CA



Thanks for the help with my serve today. It was a major breakthrough for me. After 20 years of lessons I finally think I understand how it is supposed to work. I played two sets after the lesson and my serve was already improved with more speed, more spin and fewer double faults.

- Dave Burow
Los Altos, CA


I've known Jim McLennan for a long, long time as friend, tennis teaching colleague, and fellow tournament player.

Jim and I were both schooled at different times by the legendary Tom Stow, and in fact, whenever I have a question about "what did Tom mean" about a specific stroke mechanic, the first person's feedback I seek out is Jim's.

Jim's incredible understanding of the game's techniques and his ability to clearly articulate them back to his students is an art form in itself.

I have just finished looking over Building The Serve From the Ground Up and all I can say is WOW! No one else of Jim's teaching level caliber is providing this kind of first class instruction for such a bargain.

Along with the uniqueness of this product and Jim's purchase guarantee, I cannot see why any player wouldn't jump at this opportunity.

- Brent Abel

Brent Abel


Your BREAKTHROUGH to Building a Better Serve

Maybe you read my report on the five most common mistakes made on the serve or have enjoyed reading my additional tips on improving your game. 

And you may recall I broke the core mistakes most made on the serve into 5 key areas:

1. Off Balance - shifting your weight too soon - tossing and hitting off balance
Over Effort – an overly tight grip – reducing racquet speed and leading to injury
No Rhythm – an overly high toss – serving in two parts with a hitch in the middle 
No Spin – your grip produces a flat hit – no way to curve the ball down and in
No Snap – excessive hand speed at the top of the swing – causing you to push the ball

First and foremost, you have to make a commitment to take your serve and your game to the next level, and dedicate as much time as necessary to balance, rhythm, and mechanics to make this happen. 

OK, so what's included?

Here is what you get in Building The Serve From the Ground Up

Instant access to the Online Interactive Coursework

This is a website that you can access any time of the day and anywhere you have an internet connection. You will be able to quickly find exactly what you need to work on and follow the simple instructions to practice your serve.

The BTS site covers the serve from top to bottom

How the serve looks in sequence – from the release of the toss to the balance at the finish
How to practice on court with 12 different exercises – each designed to teach you the feeling of a distinct component of the serve
Photo examples of Sampras, Federer and the Great Pancho Gonzalez
Detailed articles with both video and text covering every aspect of the serve
And most importantly, a swing evaluation with structured feedback showing you precisely how to improve, and directing you back into the sequences, exercises and articles that speak directly to you


BTS Coursework

The 8 key sequential elements create an image in your mind’s eye of an effortless spin serve. You will learn and see;

1. How your arms and balance must appear on the toss
2. The perfect moment to bend your knees – and it isn’t how much but when
3. The exact location where the racquet drops
4. The secret to knowing how your elbow and racquet move just before impact
5. How the shoulder alignment steadies your eyes at impact
6. The precise relation between the racquet and arm at impact
7. How the hand decelerates to whip the racquet
8. How your body looks and feels at the finish of the serve

In this course you will discover my 12 proven on court exercises

1. Learn how to use a simple household object to improve your balance
2. Discover a musical way to improve your rhythm
3. Determine the location of your greatest racquet head speed to get more pop
4. Learn the secret of sequencing your toss and swing for more consistency
5. Experiment with an unusual but proven grip adjustment to reduce effort
6. Learn to watch your toss like a hawk to hit more balls in the sweet spot
7. Use the fence to unlock the role of your elbow and forearm
8. Identify how it feels to swing up to get more spin
9. Discover the key to a forceful snap to release the racquet head at impact
10. Use your wrist watch to serve like Pete
11. Find the simplest key to feeling your balance on the follow through
12. Discover a proven practice method for an improved second serve

And in addition to 12 on court exercises and 8 key sequential elements you can read articles (with text, supporting video, and stills of Pete, Roger and Pancho) on…

Service Motion and Service Action – breaking down the components of the serve
Fingers and the Grip – discover the perfect grip for more spin and snap
The Rotator Cuff – protecting your shoulder on the spin serve
The Second Serve – understanding why this is the most important shot in your game
The Sidespin Serve – curve thing ball down and into the service box
Cart Wheeling – finding more power with less effort
Learning in Reverse – learn two secret techniques to unlock the hit
Quantum Golf/Tennis – finding a flowing serve from an unusual source
Taming the Toss – (re)orienting your timing to tame the toss
The Cross Training Alternative – how badminton strategy can REALLY improve the serve
The Serving Window – learn to visualize the ideal serving window and it isn't what you think


Bonus #1: - BTS Companion Booklet

I wanted to also provide this booklet for your reading convenience and for you to take on court. With handy cross links throughout the book, mark it up and be sure to review the specific exercises that will help you improve.

Building The Serve Booklet

Bonus #2: - On Court Exercises Drill Sheet

Use this convenient one page sheet that includes the 12 on court drills that target specific elements of the serve.

The drills are conveniently categorized with reference to – balance, effort, rhythm, spin and snap.

Bring these on court exercises with you to the practice court.

On Court Excercises

Bonus #3: - Key Sequential Elements Drill Sheet

The sequential photo analysis highlights key elements in a balanced and rhythmic serve.

Here we highlight the 8 key positions every player must be aware of when serving the ball.

You'll be able to download this in convenient PDF format, print out a copy and toss it in your tennis bag for easy reference.

On Court Excercises

Bonus #4: - Swing Evaluation with Structured Feedback

Here I am going to go the extra mile.

My business partner thinks I am crazy, but I am also going to offer you a swing review and evaluation.

So what's a Swing Review and why am I doing this?

This is where I personally review your serve and provide detailed structured feedback with the exact exercises, highlighted sequential elements and specific articles tailored to your needs.

Why am I doing this?

On its own, the BTS coursework will substantially improve your serve. And there is more than enough material here to investigate and master over a course of months if not years (remember this is a game for a lifetime).

But when coupled with your own personal swing analysis – you have a roadmap showing you where to go, and a blueprint for how to do it.

The key is to be able to see your serve, and compare it with the material in the coursework. You can certainly have your partner or local pro do the visual analysis.

If you know what your serve is lacking, you can certainly jump into the coursework. And if you have a partner or your local pro who can give you pointers on what they see you can use that insight to explore the exercises, elements and articles.

But here's the deal – if you want my swing analysis you must take me up on this within 6 months of your purchase date.

For two reasons.

  1. This is the best way for you to improve your serve, so I want incent you to get working straight away.
  2. My accountant said I have to have some limit – and 6 months is more than enough!!

It’s real simple to do

Take a short video of your serve and send it in. We've provided simple step-by-step instructions, along with tutorials and even recommend a digital camera if you don't have one.

It takes just a minute or two to shoot the video and less than a minute to upload it. EASY.

Once received, I personally review your serve and provide you with structured feedback.

That's it!

On Court Excercises

So how much does all this cost?

First let’s do a quick review.

This is not a book or DVD you see in the bookstore or tennis shop.

This is an interactive online course designed to improve your serve from the ground up.  It is not about any other aspect of the game - just your serve. 

What you'll get Value What You Pay
Instant access to Building the Serve from the Ground Up $197 $97
BTS Companion booklet $19.95 $19.95 FREE
On Court Exercise Drill sheet $9.95 $9.95 FREE
Key Sequential Elements Drill Sheet $9.95 $9.95 FREE
1 Swing Evaluation $47 $94 FREE
Total $283.85 $97

How is the course structured?

This course is unique, interactive, extensive, and all inclusive. If you faithfully practice the targeted drills, and gain a better understanding of the serve from the key sequential elements as well as the extensive articles – I guarantee you will improve.

This is not about quick fixes or short cuts. If you are like me, you have already found out those do not work.

The Building the Serve (BTS) Cycle is a proven, iterative, step-by-step process.

BTS Review Cycle

For the best results possible, the course has been structured as follows:

Step 1: Assess Your Own Serve

This is where you fill out a short form to give me an idea of your experience, playing level, past injuries as well as your strengths and weaknesses as regards racquet speed, spin and placement. You only need to do this once but should definitely not be missed.

Step 2: Take a Video & Submit Your Serve for Evaluation

Ideally you want to video your serve using two to four swings from three different camera angles. Included are detailed guidelines to ensure you capture the correct angles for optimum results and how to easily send in your video for review.

Step 3: Get Structured Feedback

I will then use your own self assessment and the video, to personally complete your own Serve Evaluation Form, which directs you to specific and targeted drills, sequential positions and related articles within the coursework.

Step 4: Follow Guided Practice

And now faithfully follow the steps prescribed in your guided practice recommended in Step 3 by reviewing the Articles, practicing the On Court Exercises and referencing the Key Sequential Elements within the BTS coursework.

Repetitive, iterative, focused practice. 

When practicing correctly I believe anyone can serve on balance and in rhythm. Effortlessly delivering the ball with spin and speed. 

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

That's right, repeat this cycle as many times as you feel necessary. The BTS course includes two complete evaluations. You are welcome to purchase additional reviews at any time down the road.

If you faithfully follow your prescribed drills I GUARANTEE (yes, guarantee) improvement or your money back, no questions asked.

Take Your Serve to the Next Level in 6 Weeks or Your Money Back

BTS Gurantee

In fact, if you follow my steps and still feel I have not lived up to my promise anytime during those first 6 weeks, just let me know and I will return every penny. Plus you can still keep all of the bonuses including the booklets, key sequential elements and on court exercises we have shared with you at that point in time.

We make it very simple for you to cancel. No hoops to jump through. Just let us know.

What are you waiting for?

Building The Serve is currently OFF the market

My online course is currently FULL and I'll be re-opening it up sometime soon.

If you are interested in getting on the notification list, please fill in your primary email address and I will make sure to keep you posted on news as it becomes available.
I'll also send you the link to my FREE report on tips for improving
your serve!



Here's to taking your serve to the next level,


Jim McLennan

P.S. Take me up on this offer and take advantage of a lifetime's worth of material here. I guarantee your serve will improve.