Building the Serve from the Ground Up (BTS) – is coming back on the market!!

We are re releasing BTS – it has been off the market for the past 8 months.

BTS includes stills, video, and a lot of written content. Further BTS features a self assessment as well as a personalized analysis of your serve – and with the self assessment and personalized analysis – articles stills and videos within BTS are then highlighted to guide your own personal path to improvement.

We have created a separate Blog to feature the BTS launch, and have included a number of bonuses both to the product as well as for those reading more about how to “Build their Serve from the Ground Up.”

Truly, the serve is the most important stroke in tennis (just ask Pete and Serena). But equally it is generally the least practiced as well as oftimes the most difficult stroke to master (just ask Maria and Dinara).

Serious about your tennis?  If so, it is all about your serve!!!!!

Check it out now


  • keith wilkinson

    Reply Reply October 15, 2010

    Is the building the serve from the ground up back on the market now or will it be soon?

    • Jim

      Reply Reply October 27, 2010

      Keith – sorry it will be off the market for a few more months – the self assessment and video evaluations take time on my part – so we release this product in “launches” when I have caught up with my work on those things –

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