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Partnering Questionnaire – Example

You are under attack after your own poor second serve, and the receiver has returned the ball cross court deep into your corner and taken the net – among your options – what is the percentage play that you should select and that your partner should anticipate?

  • Drive it up the line
  • Dip it cross court
  • Lob up the line
  • Lob cross court

You lob your return up the line in the deuce court, the opponents switch with the server retrieving the ball in the back court and the net player crosses.  How should you and your partner reposition and what should you expect?

  • Remain one up and one back, ready for anything
  • Follow your lob to the net expecting a weak backhand lob
  • If you are both at the net which of you shades slightly deeper?

What is the most common mistake the opponents make in the above lobbing scenario?

  • The net person crosses but positions close to the net
  • The server drives the ball with an offensive shot from a defensive position
  • Neither player chases the ball because the net player does not say yours, but hopes or assumes their partner can read his/her mind
  • (Answer – all of the above)

Two Against One – the ultimate tactical advantage

You can create this play with a cross court approach – note – not with anything down the line, but rather a cross court approach that bounces deep and lands “in front” of your net partner

Wall to the Ball – many ways to hit the ball, here is the simplest  

Try McEnroe’s technique – move to and through the ball rather than a technique driven volley

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