Join me for a Great week of Tennis in Nuevo Vallarta!

The Marival Residences & World Spa has been named the 2012 Traveler’s Choice Awards #1 All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico!
They have also been named the #2 Top All-Inclusive in the World!



I will be part of a special tennis camp in Nuevo Vallarta at the Five Star Marival Residence Resort with Scott Borowiak Tennis and Golf Tours November 28-December 5th

I am joining four other USPTA Coaches including Scott and Stanford Hall of Fame coach Dick Gould.

This is run by a lifelong friend of mine, Scott Borowiak, who has been coordinating tennis travel programs for over twenty years. We grew up together in Lafayette California in the 1960’s.  His brother Jeff, myself and many others were all trained by our first (and best) coach Blackie Jones.

I wanted to let you know that the tennis program includes two hours of instruction in small groups (3-5 people) followed by afternoon social match play and strategy sessions.

I will be teaching four or five people in small groups each morning for two hours.  Then in the afternoon (provided I am not surfing) I will be one of the featured pros working with larger groups.

Gravity footwork.  The Pete Sampras snap.  Pancho Gonzalez’ three fingered serve.  We will have some fun.  I hope to see some of you there.

This is a great opportunity for players of ALL levels to improve their game and learn from a variety of coaches!

Space for tennis players is limited for tennis so if you are interested I urge you to checkout the details soon at

Feel free to ask any questions about this event.


  • Elise

    Reply Reply January 11, 2015


    I am trying to find a tennis camp for March or April. We have accomodation. What is the price for a week long tennis camp? Thanks

    • Jim McLennan

      Reply Reply January 12, 2015

      thanks for the note – the Marival camps (so to speak) are based on players staying at the Marival Residence / Resort – I apologize but am not aware of other camp options when you have accommodations on your own – why not save the date and join us in 2015 the week before Thanksgiving – we had a great holiday with a nice group this past November

  • JT Taylor

    Reply Reply January 29, 2014

    Where and when will you be offering tennis camps in 2014?


    • Jim McLennan

      Reply Reply January 29, 2014

      JT – Marival resort in Nuevo Vallarta November 15th – go to Scott Borowiaks travel site for pictures – I have been there now twice and the accommodations and food are amazing – hopefully tennis as well

  • jeff ballas

    Reply Reply October 9, 2013

    I am looking for a tennis lesson resort for sometime in jan. and/or Feb of 2014. Please let me know if you can accomodate. Thanks, jeff

    • Jim McLennan

      Reply Reply October 9, 2013

      Jeff – I work at a club in Los Altos Hills and can work you into my schedule – but Monday thru Friday only – that said my appointment calendar is not even set in Jan or Fed but I will make something work – send me some videos of you in advance so I can see what to expect

  • Raquel

    Reply Reply December 30, 2012

    The tennis camp was everything I expected and much more. I learned something different from each pro and then was able to put my new skills into practice during the afternoon sessions. The resort had so much to offer. We enjoyed the restaurants, the pool, the beach and the spa! We never even left Marival. It was so much fun, we are already planning next year’s trip!

  • Nikolina B

    Reply Reply December 18, 2012

    I went with 2 friends on the 7 day tennis camp in Nueva Vallarta. We had so much fun! The resort was beautiful, safe and had great restaurants. We enjoyed all the pro’s, Jim, Scott, Dick, Ann and Byron. Playing tennis for 7 days twice a day in such a beautiful place with great pro’s was one of the funnest trips I’ve ever taken!

  • Andy

    Reply Reply December 13, 2012

    Just got back from a trip to Nuevo Vallarta with Jim, Scott, and the ever gracious Dick and Ann Gould. We had a fantastic time. Jim is a sensational teacher and helped me a great deal. The resort was gorgeous with lovely rooms and friendly service, at a great price. Weather the week after Thanksgiving was in the low 80s and sunny every day. My wife is not a tennis player and she had a good time as well, with the lovely pool, beach and excellent spa. Coming from New Jersey was pretty easy with a nonstop United flight to Newark. The one downside: all inclusive truly means all, so very tough to stay away from the buffet and the put a limit on the piña coladas. Also thanks to Scott for accommodating my unusual schedule and arranging private lessons. We would do this again without hesitation. I’m looking forward to hitting with Jim some more when I next visit Northern California.

  • LaWanda

    Reply Reply October 13, 2012

    one week of tennis lesson on a fantastic resort in Puerto Vallara…Nov 28 -Dec 5…

  • David C.

    Reply Reply August 24, 2012

    Whoa, you guys who fear Mexico! I have been coming to Mexico to play tennis for almost 50 years now. Never had an issue or problem with gangsters that are now cartels. Mexico residents are very friendly toward gringos on the whole. There are always the exceptions, however, a lot of gringos bring with them an attitude that just doesn´t fly. I have played tournaments and social tennis in Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Costa Alegri, Manzanillo, Colima, etc. and it is all fun without fear.
    Scott is so right. Vallarta is safer, by far, than most areas of California, where I grew up and played tournaments. There is more danger with your opponent on the court than the environment in the State of Jalisco. So, don´t let fear ruin a really good time. David

  • Scott Borowiak

    Reply Reply August 23, 2012

    The comment about why a participant would have a reasonable chance of returning alive to the Bay is off base. Tourists in major areas hardly ever see any evidence of the drug wars. The Cartels are not interested in tourists and you would have a hard time finding even one case of a tourist being murdered in a major resort area. I have taken thee groups to the Marival Residences in the past couple of years. This is a very exclusive hotel in Nuevo Vallarta just 15 minutes from the airport. The area near the hotel is secure and all the cars and taxis are required to sign in when they enter Nuevo Vallarta. The area is very safe and I feel very comfortable and confident not only in Nuevo Vallarta but also in the entire area of Puerto Vallarta including downtown and even in more remote areas. The “Bad Guys” do not have any interest in tourists and the security in and around these areas has proven to be effective. The tourist market is crucial to the economy of Mexico and the main tourist areas are safe.

  • mike tucevich

    Reply Reply August 22, 2012

    What’s the cost?

    • Jim McLennan

      Reply Reply August 23, 2012

      $1499 plus $125 tax = $1624 – this includes airfare from San Francisco direct to Puerto Vallarta
      tennis $495
      2 hours daily morning camp
      Technical training at all levels
      Singles and doubles strategies
      Afternoon social/match play and “Featured Pro of the Day” clinic

  • rushro

    Reply Reply August 22, 2012

    I agree w/renman. This may be a great tennis experience but if it’s in Mexico you need to convincingly explain why a participant would have a reasonable chance of returning alive to the Bay area.

    • Jim McLennan

      Reply Reply August 22, 2012

      Rushro – the best I can say is that this holiday is within an enclosed resort north of Puerto Vallarta – and certainly Scott can and will describe his experiences there

  • renman

    Reply Reply August 22, 2012

    With the utmost respect, no thanks !

    Sounds like a great opportunity with great people and the price is OK. I just would not feel safe in Mexico right now ?

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