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During the recent US Open there were many comments about aspects of the women’s serve.

“It is appalling to me, so often, to go watch these ladies serve,” Davenport said. “They spend very little time on it. They don’t take pride in it, and it’s the one shot you have complete control of.”

Chris Evert was quoted, “When Madison was with us from age 10 to 17, we saw the live arm, and it’s a God-given talent — you can’t teach it,”

Well as you can imagine, I disagree.  While not developing a whipping live arm, anyone can develop a fluid throwing motion – and this fluidity leads to a serve with racquet head speed, and a motion that pulls rather than pushes the racquet head through contact.

The US Open final displayed two distinctly different styles – Keys had the better, more explosive serve and the more attack-minded approach. Stephens is by many estimations the fastest player on the WTA Tour, prone to roaming much farther behind the baseline than Keys.

Classic offense vs defense – where in this instance the quicker player prevailed.

But back to the serve – you can improve your serve with a pulling action, and truly you can improve your throwing motion with this same movement.

Enjoy the material below


Take quite a few moments with this video.

PMac is demonstrating swinging up and across the ball – not an up and then downward snap. Sampras served this way, so does Federer and even Djokovic – not precisely sideways. But equally not in any way up and over the ball.

I am now working on a project about something known as a “live arm” where in baseball some throwers have much more action with far less effort – sort of like slinging and this project goes hand in hand – or perhaps I might say this project goes “racquet in hand”

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