With MTKS 2 on your iPad or iPhone you will…

Learn to use topspin to make your serve dive into the court, and bounce up and into the receiver's backhand - once mastered you will play much better ... Guaranteed.

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Tired of Not Serving at Your Level?

Have you tried instructional videos that pour on the content, but don’t deliver the goods? This is a common story  I hear time and time again.  Hopefully I can provide something totally different.

I have spent years working on training methods that are basic, digestible, actionable and lucid. I hope you have found that in my introductory series.

And I have come up with something pretty good here, something that in fact delivers the goods.

Mastering the Kick Serve 2.0 for iPad has everything you need to know and every element you need to feel, including specific on court exercises that unlock the secrets to this effective but elusive delivery.  [green_plus_list width=”90%”]

But get this, our first of a kind iPad app sells for an unbelievable $26.99.  (I should have my head examined!)

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With this one of a kind, ground breaking iPad app you will

  • Learn the secrets to the placement and location of the toss
  • Follow a step by step, how to manual with specific drills
  • Use detailed slow motion analysis of a professional kick serve to gain a feel for this action
  • See how to use your legs and abdomen to protect against injury to your back, shoulder or elbow
  • Discover the racquet path and swing mechanics to make the ball jump higher
  • Learn how to use rhythm and relaxation to get more pace and power on this serve

Mastering the Kickserve is divided into the following modules

A full and actionable lesson plan – from soup to nuts – just focused on the kick serve and broken down in an easy-to-use website.


  • Getting Started

    includes fundamental material covering the nature of topspin, building racquet speed, finding the grip and rhythm to produce a swish swing, learning the feel and value of swinging on a 1-2-3 beat, and the hitting on that same 1-2-3 beat, slow motion analysis of the swing path – and finally your gut check with the Module 1 checklist.

  • Mastering the Elements

    discover and then play with the unusual “three finger serve,” come to terms with rubbing up, rotate your arm through the hit so you can look up and “tell time,”  secrets of the toss including how and where, practice one of Pete Sampras’ childhood service drills called 20 and 20, vary your grip past continental to practice in the extreme, come to terms with swing path and body contribution, learn the important secrets to avoid shoulder injury on the topspin delivery, and yet again more slow motion materials.  Finally, as in module I we conclude with your gut check, the Module II checklist to see if you have come to terms with these tasks.

  • Practical Application & Tactics

    Includes lessons on using the Kick Serve to the deuce and ad court, how it looks and feels to return this particular serve, as well as both kick serve target drills and an unusual (and effective if I don’t say so myself) “kick serve game.”  Module III concludes with a final checklist designed to tie this project together, and keep you on track with your follow on practice efforts.

In Mastering the Kick Serve you will

  • Learn the importance of and how to build maximum racquet speed
  • See and then feel what is so important about an inside up and out racquet path
  • Master the elements in the kick serve in a step by step proven manner
  • Discover the nuances of a special grip by moving the racquet within your hand
  • See the difference between topspin and “up” spin
  • Compare a wrist snap with a forearm roll – and understand which is better
  • See an actual swing path demo from the rear view
  • Discover the secrets to arching your back by using your legs
  • See the importance of a cart wheeling shoulder action
  • Understand (perhaps at last) why you are only as good as your second serve
  • Learn the tactical differences between centering and cornering your opponent
  • Understand why this serve is the most important tool in your tennis toolbox

And in addition, we present Slow Motion analysis of

  • An ingenious drill to create more racquet speed using rhythm not strength
  • A specific rehearsal to see if your toss preserves the swinging rhythm
  • How to loosen your arm and speed up the racquet head
  • A drill to exaggerate holding the ball on the strings
  • Placing the toss green or red, and feel what that actually means
  • How to use a household item to align your tossing arm
  • A kick serve game to the ad court with a special scoring system

In this course you will practice

  • A sidespin serve toss landing green
  • A topspin serve toss landing red
  • A swing path that spins the ball from 7 to 1 o’clock
  • A knee position that reduces strain on the back
  • A world class player from three camera angles
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