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Introducing the deal of the day - you choose between two unbelievable packages – one for the serve and other focused on two critical strokes - the forehand and backhand. Choose one or even buy both!

Serve & KickServe Package

Pay only $97 and you get access to:

  • Building The Serve From The Ground Up - $97

    Designed to build a fluid, balanced, effortless serve. Grips, mechanics, spin, sequential analyses, on court drills – you will be able to refer to this coursework again and again.

  • Mastering The Kick Serve - $97

    The kick serve may be the most important shot in your tennis tool box. From grips, to stance, to motion, slow motion video and more – this serve may be the most important part of a your “winning game”

  • Additional Bonus: Personalized Stroke Review $47

Save over 50% - Sale Price $97

Forehand & Backhand Package

Pay only $97 and you get access to:

  • Mastering the Forehand - $97

    Total forehand instruction that covers both one and two handed shots, on court slow motion demos, professional examples, your key to master the modern forehand.

  • Mastering the Backhand - $97

    One and two-handed mechanics, topspin, slice, videos of the pros; your blueprint for a vastly improved backhand. Deconstruct the Federer and Djokovic backhands to improve your own.

  • Additional Bonus: Personalized Stroke Review - $47

Save over 50% - Sale Price $97
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  • PLUS: Stroke Review

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