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The internet is awash with all manner of tennis instruction, information, marketing and lessons. And often it can be difficult to know what to do to improve your game.

Are you like so many others who struggle to really improve, to make meaningful change?

Have you become “stuck” at a certain level, and whether in online or personal instruction been unable to make the improvements you so dearly want?

If that has been your experience, and this is very common, I believe you have been working on grips, spins, and swinging technique – without having first mastered “BRE-“

Meaning, for any stroke on court are you totally on balance (B), is the stroke rhythmic (R), and are you making solid contact effortlessly (E-).

I doubt whether you have ever experienced this type of foundational approach – but I did as a student and player.

I have created an entire library of instruction based on this approach.

  • A culmination of 40+ years as student of the game
  • Lessons tried and true
  • And most importantly short and to the point

If you are ready to make meaningful change, take advantage of this special offer.

ETI Subscribers - Save over 75% on the ETI product libraryOnly $199 - Save $634 of the regular price

Mastering The Forehand

Total forehand instruction that covers both one and two handed shots, on court slow motion demos, professional examples, your key to master the modern forehand.

Mastering The Ground Game

Master the foundational elements of your backcourt ground game. Swing path, point of contact, balance, and footwork, videos of the pros – all begins with the foundation and your game is no different.

All Court Game

To help you become more competitive, winning and losing is less about hitting winners, but more about competing intelligently, understanding the court, understanding your options, and trusting your skill set to make it happen.

The Secrets of World Class Footwork

Movement is the name of the game. For serious improvement – look down at your feet. “Secrets” features the footwork of Stefan Edberg – and includes on court aerobic drills, an online workbook and more.

ETI Streamlining

Many elements of a strong and fluid overhand throwing motion will improve fluidity and power of your game. “Streamline” your forehand and your serve, and even improve your throw along the way.

5 Keys to Tennis Fundamentals

Basic, accessible, and reasonably priced - 5 keys to the drop shot, one handed topspin backhand, the modern double bend forehand, and a primer on grips.

5 Keys to Mental Mastery

So much of our game is played between the ears - explore the art of winning, competing against the pusher, playing smart tennis, and keys to your competitive gut check.

Personalized Stroke Review

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is by extension worth many thousand words – I believe our unique “Stroke Review – Foundational Coaching Method” – will be priceless.

ETI Subscribers - Save over 75% on the ETI product libraryOnly $199 - Save $634 of the regular price
ETI Subscribers - Save over 75% on the ETI product libraryOnly $199 - Save $634 of the regular price