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[testimonial1 author=”Michael Jessup, Palo Alto, formerly top 300 in the world”]”Jim, I don’t know if I ever mentioned how much I enjoy your articles and readings. You have a great understanding of the game, but even more you can articulate it on a clear concise way. I’ve learned a lot from you without ever being on court with you and have been able to utilize and supplement a lot of what I teach or even explain what I teach better. I love the thud, gravity step, service stuff, and the initial turn. I think where I have done a great job is taking a lot of this information and being able to convince the masses of its validity, importance, and how it directly impacts that persons performance.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Patrick Wemitt, Chatham, NY”]
Jim, Seriously, I can’t believe how well these two tips served me today in doubles. I hit with more pace and was better able to direct the ball where I wanted it. As I prepared to receive the serve I kept saying to myself,”be a watch maker.”

Incidentally, your MTKS lessons have increased my first serve percentages to levels that didn’t seem possible. I use this serve nearly exclusively for both the first and second serve. You have helped me turn my weakest part of my game into a weapon. Your other video regarding hitting up on the ball with a throwing motion has really put some pace on my serve and has made it much more unpredictable for my opponents. I purchased another service video from a competitor, but your videos have been THE most helpful from the very outset. I don’t regret a dime I spent for your video instruction. I’m 66 years old and have never enjoyed the game more. I’m consistent, confident, and composed when serving now and that confidence has upped my game in other areas as well, thanks to you.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Richard Torsleff, Stockholm, Sweden”]”Jim, I agree with all other testimonials of your instructions: you do an excellent job of explaining core aspects of the game, in a very easygoing yet to-the point way. You obviously have thought about the game a lot through your career, and can condense those reflections. Your course has really helped me in understanding the fundamental mechanics of a kick serve, and I’m on my way to having a quite effective one in a short time.

I think that your instruction system is by far the best out there, with the very short video clip format and relevant information. In other net-courses that I have seen, they often talk too much, with conviction talking more but with less substance. The kick serve is not well covered at all in other sites.

Keep up the good work!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Stuart, Hong Kong”]”Hi Jim, I am a big Fan. I really like the simple approach you take – with the way you break down the videos into simple, manageable chunks – with not too much to remember each time. I have made great progress with the kick serve, and am now working to get a bit more pace into it – but even at a fairly slow pace, it is still causing all sorts of problems…

I like the fact that I have a few simple, basic points to fall back on when things start to get tight in matches. In particular, can I still “tell the time”.

…also, from your other material, I have been working on turning my body and footwork BEFORE I make a swing. What a difference, I feel much more relaxed, am swinging with much better tempo rather than flashing at the ball and generally hitting better groundstrokes.

Great stuff!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Francisco Barahona, White Plains, New York”]”Jim, I had a very weak serve despite having taken lessons for more than twenty years, and having read many tennis books. They had told me stay loose, keep my elbow high, bend my knees etc, but nothing seemed to help. So when I saw an announcement about MTKS in Brent Abel’s website, I jumped on it. I must say that watching videos has been much more effective for me than taking lessons. While studying your material I had several “Aha!” moments.

It has taken perseverance and hard work, and my serve is still a work in progress, but now I routinely hit kick serves to both sides of the court. Now I win points just by kicking it to the ad court. I am still amazed when I see the ball curve down, hit the sideline and kick to my opponent’s backhand. My serve is not a liability anymore, and I enjoy each time that I hit a kicker.

Thank you, it has been a great learning experience.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Philip Leong-Sit, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada”]”Jim — at the start of this new year, I’d like to thank-you for all of the great online instruction you have provided. MTKS and Building the Serve from the Ground Up have both been instrumental in turning my former weakness into a “partial” weapon.

I say ‘partial’ because I am still working on this most important stroke. It takes time and patience. Your online instruction is clear and precise. I continue to gradually improve and my hitting partners all notice a big difference in the quality of my serve over the past several months. I also thank you for the timely and constructive feedback after I upload my serve videos.

The serve is so, so important and I look forward to further ‘tinkering’ my service motion under your thoughtful guidance. Thank-you for opening my eyes and guiding me on this fun journey of self-discovery!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Bruce Wallace Reno, NV, USA”]”I’ve signed up for two other on-line tennis “courses” in the past and Mr. McLennan’s was decidedly the best. Unique, concise and genuinely helpful”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Eraldo, Italy”]”I followed the MTKS2 and I have seen my 2nd serve improving to wonders compared to what it used to be. Jim’s teaching is simple and effective in ways that are second to none. Ideal for those who are not in their twenties and who want to improve without trying to emulate impossible pro-like models. I should also say that as a side effect, I got my first serve and my slice serve improved!!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Peter J Christ, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA”]”Jim, I’ve got to tell you… you’re video on “wagging” and “lagging” was SOOOO helpful. Tonight I went from struggling to maintain a short rally to hitting with consistency (and power) for 10 sometimes, 12 rallies. You’re clips are the best… short, informative, clear. Keep it up!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Dennis Van Andel, Gallup, NM”]”Jim, I have greatly appreciated the excellent instruction given in Mastering the Kick Serve. First, the basic components of the kick serve were covered in a systematic, sequential way. Second, effective drills for each stage of the serve were explained and demonstrated in an easily understandable manner. Third, the instruction and drills were illustrated in the play of top professional tennis players. And finally, the opportunity to obtain feedback from questions asked and observations of video clips of my serve was very beneficial. Thank you for providing such professional and personal instruction that enables players like myself to raise their tennis skills to the next level.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Steve Colby, Raleigh, North Carolina”]”Jim, your simple advice to roll the forearm to develop racket speed has made an amazing difference. My flat first serve now has a lot more pop, with a lot less effort. Combined with our friend Brent’s advice to serve to the body, that has helped my game a lot.
The kicker itself is coming along, too. I’ll let you know how it works out.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Larry Bookman, Weston, MA, USA”]”Jim, being lefty, I have never been able to hit a second serve reliably to the deuce court. With your video instruction I can now mix in a lefty kick serve to the deuce court and win some cheap second serve points. Your instruction breaks down the serve into readily digestible elements that can be easily practiced. I only wish I had this instruction when I was young.

Great job.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jack Mayfield, Canberra, Australia”]”Jim, your MTKS 2.0 course was very well delivered, had the necessary detail and emphasis backed-up by excellent videos, and was easy to understand. I already had a kick serve but it was not as effective as yours because I did not pronate my arm on contact. I am learning to do that now and with good results. With more training I am expecting to have an even better serve than I had before. The MTKS 2.0 is an excellent training product.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”David Lin, Sacramento, CA, USA”]”Jim, I have been a fan of yours for years. I’ve purchased and benefited from Building the Serve from the Ground Up, Mastering the Ground Game, your tennisone.com lessons, prior stroke reviews for my forehand, Mastering the Kick Serve, and now Mastering the Kick Serve 2.0. Your eye for technical detail and then the ability to explain the appropriate motion in an understandable way is unmatched.

Thank you for all of your wonderful, insightful instruction, which helps me, as a 43 yo ex-college tennis player, still be able to improve parts of my game. Now if you could only reverse the aging process so that I can run fast again :)”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jeff S, Cherry hill, NJ, USA”]”Bravo Jim, you’ve done it again…. After success with MTGG, I signed up for MTKS2 and I’m happy to let you know it’s far exceeded my expectations!

MKTS2 not only helped develop a Kick serve but has helped my overall serving and overhead slams.

I’m starting to believe your approach with remote students may, in its very own way, be more effective than face to face lessons.

The dynamic of not being together on court, forces you to prepare and share the “how to” when you tell me the “what to” do. Using the basic mechanics, framework and drills you provide, I have become an independent student able self-diagnose and adjust.

And it’s very clear you do have some very unique skills in making the “How to” very simple to grasp and use! There is no doubt in my mind you have advanced my game and to that I say can only say THANKS and WHAT’S NEXT COACH…?”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Peter J Christ, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA”]Jim, MTKS has been the absolute best! Slowly but surely I’m getting the knack of the kick serve – patience, practice, patience… but the unexpected bonus has been that my first serve has improved dramatically! Your instructional videos finally made it clear to me on where to toss for a strong first serve and most importantly to loosen up the grip and snap through the ball for a whacking good but controlled first serve – with NO shoulder pain! Cheers.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Casey van der Heide, Sedelsberg, Germany”]“Jim, You have done a fantastic job! with your “Mastering The Kick Serve course”. I really think you have explained and shown the kick service extremely well. I have had a lot a tennis teachers but no one has come close to you in teaching me the service. Thanks so much, I have progressed enormously.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Tom Barabas, San Diego CA USA”]“I bought the kick serve and after many years and lessons finally I know how the hit kick and slice, Thanks a 1,000,000.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial2 author=”Ken Cassady, The Woodlands, TX, USA” + pic=”http://www.essentialtennisinstruction.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/KenCassady_small.jpg”]“I have read several books and watched many videos trying to build a kick second serve. This video has, by far, been the most helpful of them all. Of particular help was the slow motion completion of the swing and looking at your watch. Those types of visualization checkpoints are ideal. At age 56, improving my racquet head speed is the final task to making this my favorite shot.”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial1 author=”Christoph Michlmayr, Austria”]“As always your way of describing the essentials of a hit is great. I like your tips very much, because for me this is a good way to learn new “weapons”. Thank you Jim and I’m excitingly waiting for what is coming next.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”John Newton, Alexandria, Virginia”]“For clarity of instruction at a bargain price nothing beats your Mastering The Kick Serve. Anyone who wants to develop a fail-safe serve for those tense moments in a match you absolutely cannot double fault should rush to order this wonderful product.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Ray Absolum, Hastings Hawkes Bay, New Zealand”]“I was worried that MTKS might interfere with the progress I had made with Building the Serve. It hasn’t. In fact, it has given me a better appreciation of what I’m trying to do with the slice serve. I have made more progress in the last few months than I have made for many years. With my 7th decade fast approaching it’s great to know I can still improve. Thank you!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”David Bateman, UK”]“An excellent program a masterpiece!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Bob Strimel, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania”]“Jim, Your ”Mastering the Kick Serve” is terrific! Your step by step pointers brought back good memories on my very lost serve! I was so excited I stopped half way through, drove to my indoor club, and practiced what you preached and experienced immediate results, especially on the ad-court, where I have been exploited by opponents. Not any more!!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Rodger Schuester, Vallejo, CA”]“So here I am after eight months. Hitting flat serves and sides serves reliably and comfortably with reasonable accuracy wide, body, and down the line. I’m even mixing between flat and slice easily.

My opponents are complimenting me on my good serving and some are talking about my “trick” serves. :-))) Several of my serve games are being won on the 4th or 5th serve point.

Then comes along this new kick serve stuff. Ok, I decide to go slow into it.

I read the introductory material and watch the videos. I’m saying yeah, let’s do the 123 rhythm again and focus even more on hitting the first and second serves the same pace for every serve point.

And, hey watching you bend your knees, I figure it’s about time to start bending mine. ?Ok, magic, knee bends work straight off, my rhythm between first and second serves gets more consistent during matches.

Now I listen to you about hitting low for topspin and it works, so I’m hitting that for a week or so and now you say tell time. It dawns on me the twist part is easy, because I’ve been telling time with my flat serves.

I go out to the court tonight and there I’m am hitting comfortable kick serves with a twist right off the bat – and they look really good when they go in. No stress on the arm. You’re brilliant Jim!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Kwok Kwan, San Diego CA”]“Jim, I would say the “Mastering the Kick Serve” is one of the best serve instructions, if not the best, I have ever seen. It is better than the Building the Serve from the Ground Up, I think that is the name, anyway that is the first serve instructional product that you made. But probably what I learned from your first serve program that helps me to appreciate this Kick Serve program more.

Federer is always the model I am always try to learn from. I watch his serve on video clips over and over, and I combine that with what you are teaching me in your programs, and add in some of my own nuances. I think I am getting close to what I think a serve motion should be ( for me )….a fluid motion from start to finish, get my hitting elbow up in a relax manner without much effort ( which is very important in my opinion ), and get an almost natural pronation of my forearm upon contact with the ball.

Seeing the ball spin up or sideway with pace after the bounce without much effort is muck like poetry in motion. I have not reached the point where I can consistently do that one after another, but I know I am well on my way. I want to suggest to my fellow tennis warriors, practise at the service line first (as suggested by Jim) so that you can get a nice spin and pace with an easy motion, and then move back a little by little to the baseline, in that way you can really feel what is like to hit a effortless fluid serve.

Sometimes I just say to myself, wow, I can do that ? This is cool ! Thanks,”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial2 author=”Dennis Murphy, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan” + pic=”http://www.essentialtennisinstruction.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/DennisMurphy_small.jpg”]“Hi Jim,

I have nothing but praise for Mastering the Kick Serve. Not only have I reduced the number of double faults I used to dish up, I now have a serve which more often than not tends to make opponents pop up a return for a relatively easy first volley or put away rather than a low return around my feet.

I live in Japan and my partner and I have played in doubles tournaments at the prefectural level (equivalent to a county or small state) for a number of years. We tend to do OK and even made it to the semis once. However, a few weeks ago we actually made it to a final and ended up beating the top seeds to win the tournament. It was out first ever title and I put a lot of that down to the skills I picked up in MTKS. I’ll explain why. One of our opponents was a big guy with a monster forehand. He received serve in the ad court and with my new kick serve I was able to serve to his weaker backhand side. He tried to run around it as often as he could, but even if he did manage to get his racket on the ball for a forehand return, he wasn’t able to put full power on it, which made it a straightforward matter for me to keep serve. In fact, I didn’t lose me serve once. So I’m pretty chuffed.

Thanks for your help Jim. I really appreciate it and would recommend Mastering the Kick Serve to anyone who wants to add a new dimension to their serving.”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial1 author=”James Kaplan, co-author (with John McEnroe), You Cannot Be Serious, and (with Brad Gilbert) I’ve Got Your Back, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY”]“No lesson I have ever had with a teaching pro — and I’ve had a lot — ever made the kick serve remotely as clear as Jim McLennan’s superb online videos. Bravo!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Martin I. Hassner, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey”]“Understanding the nuance of the swing path has made my burgeoning Kick Serve possible. But more impressively, this new understanding has produced a much more accurate slice serve and a more powerful “big one”. There seems to be that one element that is the key to learning something new and your ability to make us see the key and then do it, takes your coaching out of cyberspace into reality. Thanks so much.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial2 author=”Beto Bloise, Cookeville, TN, USA” + pic=”http://www.essentialtennisinstruction.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/BetoBloise_small.jpg”]“Jim is a master pro and someone that I will listen and learn from. I have already implemented a lot of concepts I learned from him on my game and with the kids and College players I help. I look forward to his insightful instructions all the time.”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial1 author=”Brian Hotchkiss, Grand Rapids, Michigan”]“I recently resumed playing tennis after a layoff of more than 10 years. I was cruising the Internet looking for instruction updates when I came across Mastering The Kick Serve. I found the instruction to be very clear. In fact, with minimal practice I was able to develop a version of that serve that has led to admiration from my playing partners and opponents. Players better than myself have trouble returning it. I am 72 years old and play at a 3.0-3.5 level.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Debbie Wessely, Marietta, GA, USA”]“Hey Jim, Thanks so much for this great analysis of the kick serve. I was working on trying to do this serve when I came across your great instruction. I was doing some but not all of the parts of the serve. I had immediate results. This is my GO TO serve now. I use it if I am feeling nervous, always on my 2nd serve and on big points. I really like dropping the finger off, I am so relaxed and fluid. My last match, a 3 setter, I did not double fault once, YEAH! I do refer back to your instruction before a match just to have reminders. Thanks again for helping me be more consistent and placing my serve where I want it.”[/testimonial1]
[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Building The Serve from The Ground Up[/headline_arial_medium_centered]
[testimonial1 author=”Don Turner, Naples, Florida”]

“I am a teaching pro with the Ritz-CarltonResort in Naples, Florida. I have been teaching for over 20 years and believe I have found the best video concerning teaching the serving. I can not tell how much I enjoyed your video and what I have learned from it. I am also a high school coach and all my students will watch this video. Again thank you so much for the knowledge. I will take this information and pass it on to all my students.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Mogens Kock Hansen, Geneva, Switzerland”]”I have all your teachings. Most of all though Building the Serve from the Ground Up has absolutely changed my tennis life completely. From being laughed at – at best – to being feared for my service spinned, kicked, flattened! Yes, what a change of self confidence when the serve functions. From there everything else can only improve. But following your teaching methods is of course important. Small steps forward. Patience. Practice with a goal.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Kurosh Davis, London, UK”]”At the time I first tried Building the Serve, I was a man with decent second serves. After two days intensive work on this course, I had discovered a first serve. At the time is was a revelation; so much power with so little effort. Today, two years later, I’ve been using exercises from this course to refine parts of my serve and remind my body how to let it happen. This is the basis from which all my serve understanding is built. Truly excellent.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jack Phifer, Brownsville, Texas”]“Jim, The material is absolutely great I hesitate to write in because deep down I don’t want other players finding out how good it is (LOL ) each time I go out to practice I remember the tips or videos , the hot seat is fantastic, I’m still trying to figure out how to take and send in a video. MY GAME HAS DEFINITELY IMPROVED I now have confidence in my serve, I don’t worry about double faults, because I’m to busy trying to see which way the ball is spinning (lol).”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Scott Harper”]“…I have been following your excellent instruction. As one of the few master instructors found online, you consistently simplify the complex for your followers. I hope they appreciate the tens of thousands of hours and years you have devoted to your expertise…it shows! Your site is one of only a handful that I will confidently send my students and online followers to for the fundamentals of the game…”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Martin I. Hassner, Upper Saddle River, NJ”]“You’ve proven that it is possible to use internet learning to teach tennis in such a careful, attention-to-detail, three-dimensional way that improvement is possible with the proper amount of ‘study’ and practice. Your approach has broken new ground and set a standard that will not be easy to copy…You’ve given this senior tennis player new skills and a welcome new involvement in the game.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Howard Gladman, Yakima, WA”]“Jim, After suffering too many episodes of rotator cuff pain, lay off and rest/rehab, then returning to play just to develop the pain again as soon as I started to serve I experienced an epiphany. Maybe I should just learn a proper service motion. (I’m a slow learner) Since BUILDING MY SERVE FROM THE GROUND UP I’ve only experience the shoulder pain when I’ve reverted to the old motion, and when I execute properly it’s a far better serve more pop and spin. P.S. 70 is not too old get rid of bad habits.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jerry Coon, Tucson, AZ”]“I rate this instruction as a ” best buy” ! My serve has improved, consistantly, and your comment about being only as good as your second serve hit home. Every time I toss the ball up to serve, I think of throwing a dart at the ceiling and looking at my wrist watch! Excellent job and many thanks.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”VJV, Ellicott City, MD”]“I am a senior who struggled with my serve. I signed up and worked on one aspect of the service motion at a time. I hit lots of practice serves. My serve changed for the better almost immediately and continues to improve. However, old habits are hard to change so it is still a work in progress. The difference is now I have a clear image of what I am trying to do. I am pleased with the results.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Mike Tarpey, La Quinta, CA”]“Jim, your serving program has quickly made a change in the quality and consistency of my serves while helping me avoid stress on my shoulder. I don’t own it yet, but I expect to do soon. I think the Key Sequential Elements and On Court Exercises are especially helpful. I have been impressed with the very good work you have done in all elements of your tennis instruction. Please continue!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Don Elswick, Monmouth, IL”]“For many years I struggled with the mechanics of the serve. Specifically not being able to achieve a good shoulder and chest tilt as well as an inconsistent ball toss and incomplete racket drop. I still have to consciously think about keeping the tossing arm up, but as long as I do that the serve has been consistent with much added pace and spin. I have to admit I am surprised that an online course could achieve what many many private lessons could not. I am very grateful to Jim for making this available. Needless to say the game in now much more enjoyable.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Tom Barabas, San Diego, CA”]“I bought the kick serve and after many years and lessons finally I know how the hit kick and slice, thanks a 1,000,000”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Kwok Kwan, San Diego, CA”]“I have taken lessons from several coaches in person and on the internet before, I have never seen a coach who put so much premium on rhythm and balance for a serve. Most coaches would tell you to get a consistent toss, but very few would tell you how to do it. Well, Jim is the first person who told me how to do it. After I learnt how to serve with rhythm and balance and stick to it, I cut my double faults way way down. Getting more pace on the serve is icing on the cake. Thanks Jim.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Ed Harycki, Philadelphia, PA”]“Having gone through Jim’s program on building the serve, I now CRINGE when I see other instructors teaching the serve. Very few instructors teach this way. This program will give you a clear advantage and put you on the path to developing a technically sound serve. It’s the best program that I have come across for the serve.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Francisco Barahona, White Plains NY”]“Your tips on the sidespin serve are very interesting. I am always amazed that one can swing to the right and the ball goes to the left.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Al Caron, Port St Lucie Florida”]“I am very impressed with your product on the serve! I had a practice session on the “serve within a box” and found it very valuable in giving me a sense of calm and finding the correct tossing point. I like the disciplined approach and feel already that it will be profitable.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Keith Clark, Texas”]“I’m getting closer to sending my second video in but wanted to let you know how much it is already helping. There is still a lot of work to do, but it is really starting to pay dividends. Thanks again.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Richard Cohen, Boca Raton FLA”]“Jim, since I began loosening my wrist and leading with the edge of my racquet I am getting more power with less effort”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Mike Denove, Ringwood, New Jersey”]“I have read a lot about how to improve your serve. Jim’s Building your serve from the ground up provides the most helpful tips to improve your serve that I have ever read orheard from instructors.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Alexandra Franco, Quatrim do Norte, Portugal”]“Jim truly is passionate and resourceful! I was having difficulty with the racquet trajectory on the slice and he provided great cues and a video demonstration comparing me with a left handed player. Being a left-handed player I really appreciate his concern to truly help me. Thanks”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Armand Gallanosa, Anderson, IN”]“Jim, You’re BTS (Building The Serve) system is nothing short of exceptional. Really. A very simple, sequential, stepwise learning system that will improve damn near ANYONE, beginners to advanced players. Accompanying the text with short video explanations and demonstrations improves learning tremendously. I’m looking forward to taking this journey and developing my serve, especially for USTA league play, and plan on extending this knowledge to one of my promising high school players. I’m probably going to have him sign up to your site just like I have. Thanks so much!!!.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Mike Hodge, Gainesville, Fla.”]“I’ve learned a lot, even though I’ve only been playing six months. I went through all of your court excercises except one, serving in a box. I made quality progress, but never felt quite balanced or centered, hence some patches of inconsistency. Well, I had had enough last Sunday. My wife told me I was “all over the court with my feet when I served.” I agreed. When I went home, I went back to the instruction on the box drill. Found a box, went out Monday and it was a huge eye-opener. My balance and head movement were awful:) Can’t believe I served as well as I did before. Moreover, lack of balance and staying centered was really affecting my toss and things just got worse from there. After some time in the box, I truly understood what it meant to be balanced and centered. Once I got that, my consistency and power improved dramatically. It was a huge breakthrough. It’s amazing how one drill can expose so much.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”James Kelly, Chicago, Illinois”]“Your “Mastering the Ground Game” and “Mastering the Kick Serve” has changed my game expotentially.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Christoph Michlmayr, M.D., Austria”]“As an orthopedist I very much like the part of the rotator cuff, because you give a pretty good description of what happens and how to avoid it. For me it’s great to think and work with your idea. Thank you for this special idea on the rotator cuff. ”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”John Newton, Alexandria VA”]“Your concept of the “inverted V” after contact has helped me develop more pop”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”George Proctor, San Francisco CA”]“My serve has noticeably improved and I have just submitted my video for an analysis. I expect dramatic improvement after the feed back and feel I have received full value for my investment in time and money. ”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jeebee Yim, Tucson, Arizona”]“I tried the serve in the box exercise and both my cousin and I were amazed at the instant improvement. I got 10 out of 10 serves in instantly without much effort.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Rodger Schuester, Vallejo, CA”]“Jim, Was poking around the snap at the fence exercise. Discovered that by adjusting my swing path I could also use the eastern backhand grip comfortably without hurting my wrist…even got some very nice serves in. Amazing, I have already gotten multiple times the value of the cost of your course by just being curious and willing to listen to you.”[/testimonial1]

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Mastering the Backhand[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

[testimonial1 author=”Sachin Deshpande, San Diego CA”]”Jim McLennan’s name should be “Gem” McLennan. He has an unbelievable of understanding AND articulating the mechanics of tennis – incl. his backhand and serve course.

I have met him in person, and he is so sincere about teaching

And I love how he takes the best from the old school (Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall, John McEnroe, Arthur Ashe) and new school (Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal).

If you want to have a deeper understanding of tennis to help your game, his videos are so worth it!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Michael Tarpey, La Quinta, CA USA”]”Outstanding additions to your previously great MTB product. Thank you! I excitedly looked at most of the new items and found them universally clear, helpful, detailed and memorable. Loved the quick written summaries. More later after I have had time to watch all of MTB a couple of times. Bravo!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Peter Christ, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA”]”Jim, your integrity is outstanding. Most would have posted the original ‘Mastering the Backhand’ series and been done with it. And it was excellent. But you were not content with leaving well enough alone. Thanks so much for continuing to deliver excellent instruction that goes above and beyond.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Mika Fujii, Indiana”]”I was looking forward to seeing instructions on 2-handed backhand, because I currently have a tennis elbow and had to switch to a 2-hander. This is a new technique for me (I am a mature player and never hit backhand with 2-hands). I need some insights and visual cues on this technique. Your written instructions are very insightful, but I wanted to see videos on how you would teach someone this technique.. The other sections look amazing, and I am looking forward to try them when my tennis elbow heals. You are an innovative coach, and in your instructions, I always find something different that no other coach would provide.. Thanks.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Dr William Baron, Rockaway, NJ”]”The Mastering the backhand series was excellent. It covered mechanics and techniques , as well a nuances of the backhand in terms of slices, cross court, floaters, top spin and shots that knife the ball. The Nuts and Blots section was very informative. The drills are helpful and Slo Mo videos and bonus section videos and info superb. i highly recommend this series”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Robert Angus, Fullerton, CA USA”]”Like a great many players I had tinkered with my swing mechanics and grips trying to straighten out inexplicable errors and inconsistency. I would do better for a period but the wheels would always come off somewhere else. When I started this ground game course I was willing to start at the bottom — where my two feet were on the court, what I did with them, and where my weight was. I spent a lot of time over days and weeks finding my center, finding my balance, finding where my balance should be during the elements of the stroke. As I gained control of those things, I noticed that I was playing with far less effort and timing issues worked themselves out. I regained my confidence, and I am actually beginning to consistently be the player I had seen myself becoming.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Don Summers, Hilton Head Island , South Carolina”]”I’m a 4.0 senior and play singles and doubles and I’ve always struggled with my backhand. I have worked on a one handed and a two handed top spin backhand over the years without ever being able to develop consistency. I ended up using a slice. When I tried your DRIVE backhand using a continental grip it worked immediately. I’ve already won a couple matches using it instead of my slice. Thanks Jim.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Graham Barry, Ireland.”]”Great presentation, it has helped my backhand no end. My backhand is still a work in progress but with your instruction I have made a big improvement, especially with the slice backhand. It is good that I can come back and review your instructions and watch the videos and get back to basics. :)

Also I have to say a big thank you for the instruction that you gave on the second serve. Was able to follow the instructions and have incorporated that serve into my game. Its great to throw in as first serve every now and again. :)”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jeff Sandler, Cherry Hill, NJ”]”I’m one of those players who’s 1 handed backhand had always been more consistent and controlled than his forehand, but it was a slice, lacking real power with heavy under spin.

With a few adjustments to grip, swing path and wrist involvement; you’ve helped me develop the “sting & drive” shots turning my 1 hander into a real weapon.

Thanks Coach, the results you helped me create have again exceeded my expectations and will keep me coming back for more.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Chris Baker, Philo, CA, USA”]”Best money I’ve spent in a long, long while.
Thank you!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Tatiana, Moscow, Russia”]”Dear Jim, I have been anxiously waiting for this course about the backhand.
I love my one-hander, but somehow it takes me so long, years, to brush it up and forge… It still lacks consistency and is used more as a versatile defensive tool… I am determined to perfect it into a weapon now that I have access to your material.
Your instructions are always so thoughtful and clear, they work like magic for our amateur minds and bodies making them “click” right away. Thank you.[/testimonial1]

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Secrets of World Class Footwork & Streamling[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

[testimonial1 author=”Tom, Savannah, GA”]“Teaching requires effective and simple communication. The best teachers in any field can synthesize complex subjects so that the student of the subject can understand and apply (“and apply” – most important) what is being taught without being confused by lots of detail and minutiae. “Tennis Essentials” is the best example of this type of teaching I have seen. I’ve been learning how to play tennis for the past 47 years. This was as helpful as anything I have seen. Also, Mr. McLennan, you have a humility and sincerity that is rare in any field in spite of your vast experience and the fact you clearly know what you are talking about.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Yared”]“The Secrets of World Class Footwork and the ETI Streamlining combination is amazing! I went through those two and my game went immediately to the next level. And with regular practice of those two, my game is improving on a daily basis. It just blows my mind!! The footwork sequences are fun, easy and can be done anywhere. I even do them in the elevator when I’m the only one in there :-) You’re a genius Jim! Where were you all my life!? :-) My single handed backhand had consistency issues but now all that is gone by just using the keys from the footwork and streamlining. I’m playing my best tennis ever! Next is the Kick Serve. I’ll let you know after I’ve gone through it…”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Robert, Orange County, CA USA”]”When I signed up for the Building the Serve course, the first thing I did was go through the Streamlining material, and that was absolutely a revelation.

As I absorbed the concepts and applied them in my practice, all the things I had been learning — the modern rotational techniques, relaxing and effortlessness, corkscrewing down and in and up and out, the axis of rotation on backhands that propels the racket along its path, whipping or slinging the racket, what is happening kinetically during various complexities of the serving motion, etc. — started fitting together into a simple whole.

Internalizing what is taught in Streamlining has made such a difference in my game. My new group of partners really notice the changes in my play –each time out — and frankly don’t know what to make of it. It is as if I have a secret.

At some point I realized that moving to a new level as a player does not come as a result of merely fixing some part of one’s stroke mechanics, but from fundamentally changing one’s approach as a basis for executing at that higher level of speed and effectiveness. Streamlining provides the basis for that change.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Luiz Francisco Ramos,Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil”]”Jim, Streamlining is certainly the best tennis lesson I`ve read in life and Trying to do this way, it seems like Colombo`s egg. So easy , efortlessly, beautiful…

I have, as you know, all yours classes, but this I would pay again… ha ha ha.

Thanks Jim.”[/testimonial1]
[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Mastering The Ground Game[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

[testimonial1 author=”Sachin, La Jolla, CA USA”]”Jim has an incredible ability to distill all groundstrokes (FH, BH, slice, drop shots, etc.) into a few set of common principles. It really helps!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jeff Sandler, Cherry Hill, NJ”]”Jim, APPLAUSE! After 1 week, MTGG succeed where lessons have failed – helping me immediately understand and start correcting the basic mechanical mistakes and flaws developed over the years.

Your ability to demystify (make confusing intricate things very simple) and to provide useable and digestible sound bites and video clips is the best I’ve ever experienced in any endeavor. The “Micro vs Macro” and “Waiting vs Weighting” are just two of the many examples where you provide incredibly effective frameworks within which I am able to self-assess and improve.

Like most, I always knew when I hit a good shot vs bad one. Now with MTGG I know the whys and can actually do something about it!

Just signed up for MTKS and other materials and am looking forward to similar results.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jiri Kovar, Czech Republik”]“Hi Jim, the Mastering The Ground Game is excellent. It is true, that I was expecting something different. But I have to admit, that my forehand now is much better. There are several reasons for that. First I m waiting the ball on the back foot (even if my serve return is now better) a the second mistake was I was pulling my shoulder ahead too early. And the third thing I turn my grip from eastern forehand to the semi western – these grip is very good for the really, but I have got problems with lower or sliced balls – i have to work on it. There are a lot of things on my forehand side which could be better. Cheers Jiri”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Harold Johnson, Macon, Georgia”]“I found the lesson about moving in two’s especially helpful. I realized that I had been hitting many shots off balance. Just concentrating on not shifting my weight forward too quickly (when I am able to actually do it) has me hitting better, more consistent ground strokes and even helps with power on the serve. While I have not mastered any of the fundamentals in this course, just the thought I should maintain better balance has helped my strokes.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Kwok Kwan, San Diego, California”]“Jim’s prioritizing the components of the ground strokes from the core to the periphery is an astounding truth, in my opinion, that was rarely heard of from other coaches in my experience. The 1, 2 rhythm really works, it provides a dynamic balance for my body before the hit. With the 1,2 rhythm I can improvise with my hand more than if I am not using this amazing yet simple concept. Also, Jim, your matching the grip with the appropriate contact point is an eye opener – I never heard of it anywhere else, well, maybe I have been ignorant. Great product.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”John Thompson, Augusta, GA”]“What has amazed me the most is the pace you can get with no effort. By concentrating on your building blocks and keeping it smooth, I find my posture is better and my head quieter resulting in my staying with the shot longer through impact. It’s really a delicious sensation. Thanks for the great advice.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Peter Yeo, Leiden, The Netherlands”]“I’ve found MTGG to be very well put together and have really benefited from the clear explanations and instruction. The turn, moving in two’s with the weight on the back foot and the focus on balance have been very helpful, but the information about the grip and the contact point have given me an insight which has helped me achieve a breakthrough in what was once a very dodgy forehand! Thanks Jim!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Rodger Schuester, Vallejo, CA, Solano County”]“Mastering the ground game has quickly become an instrumental part of taking me to the 4.0 level this year, along with the ETI Network. You took me to the 3.5 level last year by first rebuilding my serve, which like fine wine keeps getting better as it ages. I am amazed at how many of my opponents hit weak and late shots, when I go on the attack, remaining clueless about being out of balance and the importance of a quick unit turn. I also find that playing singles seems to require a lot less effort now than when I started two years ago, despite playing at a higher level.”[/testimonial1]

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[testimonial1 author=”Gill Koppel, Tel Aviv, Israel”]“Thank you, I am a senior tournament player 50+ mostly in Europe and on red clay……I like your ideas on the serve. I especially like the comparison to the forehand….no one ever related it that way. I am practicing much longer (serve practice), and the results are great! At our level power is over rated, so spin and slice are what it’s all about on serve. I have also gone back to very loose grip (pinky off the racket). Thanks again”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jeff Berumen, Tennis Teaching Professional, USPTA, Atlanta, GA”]“Hey Jim, Thanks setting up your site and passing on your knowledge. I have reviewed many on line instruction sites and many of them miss the mark. Your info is precise, reflective of traditional vs modern methods and easy to understand. I’m a USPTA certified pro, teaching juniors/adults – private and group. I appreciate your approach to our game and wish you the best of luck! ”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Peter Christ, POUGHKEEPSIE, NY”]“OK – had gone out and practiced serve (*following these tips for a couple days – served 100 balls each time).  Tonight, I went out for my weekly doubles match and served the best EVER… power and consistency over and over again. Man I hope I can keep this feeling. THANKS!”[/testimonial1]