Deconstructing the Volley – Mac the Knife – Part 1

John McEnroe – 78 ATP doubles titles, and 77 ATP singles titles – could this record be greater than any accumulation of doubles titles only (the Brian Brothers) or singles titles (Federer, Sampras, Nadal …)

But through it all there was and is a simplicity to McEnroe’s game – highlighted, as usual, with his on court technique and tactics – shown here in a Power Shares match in Sacramento against Jim Courier

Many ways to play the game, and equally many ways to hit the ball.

And for sure the same is true for the volley – we see many styles both on the pro tour as well as on your adjacent courts.

Sometimes heavy swings, sometimes simple deflections, sometimes hitting through the ball, other times deftly blocking the ball to the open court.

Enjoy the above footage of Mac the Knife as well as the slow motion of his actual technique – and then join me on court for a deeper look at this particular volleying style.

The companion article is called, “Mac the Knife – Wall to the Ball.”

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