Short and Simple – Cut to the Chase – 5 keys to unlock your game

Simplicity. Our game is very complex. But equally, many aspects can be broken down into small bites. Discreet elements.

I am confident that the “5 Keys” format will speed your acquisition of these (and other) tennis skills. Each course is broken down into 5, sometimes a few more, key lessons. Under each course, like my other ETI Products, you can comment or ask a question and I or Antony will get back to you with an answer.

One other note. When learning or performing just about anything, we can reference outcome (what happened) or process (how we performed). Always, always, always pay attention to process – and when done the outcome will take care of itself.

Our game is very complex. But equally, many aspects can be broken down into small discreet and easily applied bites. I believe and in fact guarantee that the “5 Keys” format will speed the acquisition of your tennis skills.

We currently offer two modules: each module has 4 distinct lessons

Keys to Tennis Fundamentals

  • 5 Keys to Deadly Drop Shots
  • 5 Keys to the One Handed Topspin Backhand
  • 5 Keys to the Modern Double-bend Forehand
  • 5 Keys to Understanding Grips

Keys to Mental Mastery

  • 5 Keys to the Art of Winning
  • 5 Keys to Compete Against the Pusher
  • 5 Keys to Play Smart Tennis
  • 5 Keys to your Competitive Gut Check

You can purchase both modules and save or purchase each module as a package of four lessons, or you can purchase selected lessons from any module.

Simple. Applicable. And at a darn good price and all come with my 100% money back guarantee!

If you’d like to read more I’ve provided details on each of the courses below so you can choose the one(s) that you think best suit your needs or click the button below to get started immediately.

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If you want to play better but are stumped on certain grips
If you are unable to feel a delicate drop shot
If you want to build your own modern forehand or one handed topspin backhand ....
Then any (or all) of these 5 Keys lessons will do the trick - guaranteed

Here’s to playing better tennis. Let's get started.

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