Find below just a few of the testimonials of I have received from some of my customers who have purchased or used my products.

Find below just a few of the testimonials of I have received from some of my customers who have purchased or used my products.

Mastering the Kick Serve

Jim, I don't know if I ever mentioned how much I enjoy your articles and readings. You have a great understanding of the game, but even more you can articulate it on a clear concise way. I've learned a lot from you without ever being on court with you and have been able to utilize and supplement a lot of what I teach or even explain what I teach better. I love the thud, gravity step, service stuff, and the initial turn. I think where I have done a great job is taking a lot of this information and being able to convince the masses of its validity, importance, and how it directly impacts that persons performance.

Michael Jessup, Palo Alto, formerly top 300 in the world

Jim, I agree with all other testimonials of your instructions: you do an excellent job of explaining core aspects of the game, in a very easygoing yet to-the point way. You obviously have thought about the game a lot through your career, and can condense those reflections. Your course has really helped me in understanding the fundamental mechanics of a kick serve, and I'm on my way to having a quite effective one in a short time.

I think that your instruction system is by far the best out there, with the very short video clip format and relevant information. In other net-courses that I have seen, they often talk too much, with conviction talking more but with less substance. The kick serve is not well covered at all in other sites.

Keep up the good work!

Richard Torsleff, Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Jim, I am a big Fan. I really like the simple approach you take - with the way you break down the videos into simple, manageable chunks - with not too much to remember each time. I have made great progress with the kick serve, and am now working to get a bit more pace into it - but even at a fairly slow pace, it is still causing all sorts of problems...

I like the fact that I have a few simple, basic points to fall back on when things start to get tight in matches. In particular, can I still "tell the time".

...also, from your other material, I have been working on turning my body and footwork BEFORE I make a swing. What a difference, I feel much more relaxed, am swinging with much better tempo rather than flashing at the ball and generally hitting better groundstrokes.

Great stuff!

Stuart, Hong Kong

Jim, I would say the “Mastering the Kick Serve” is one of the best serve instructions, if not the best, I have ever seen. It is better than the Building the Serve from the Ground Up, I think that is the name, anyway that is the first serve instructional product that you made. But probably what I learned from your first serve program that helps me to appreciate this Kick Serve program more.

Seeing the ball spin up or sideway with pace after the bounce without much effort is muck like poetry in motion. I have not reached the point where I can consistently do that one after another, but I know I am well on my way. I want to suggest to my fellow tennis warriors, practise at the service line first (as suggested by Jim) so that you can get a nice spin and pace with an easy motion, and then move back a little by little to the baseline, in that way you can really feel what is like to hit a effortless fluid serve.

Sometimes I just say to myself, wow, I can do that ? This is cool! Thanks.

Kwok Kwan, San Diego CA

Building the Serve from the Ground Up

I am a teaching pro with the Ritz-CarltonResort in Naples, Florida. I have been teaching for over 20 years and believe I have found the best video concerning teaching the serving. I can not tell how much I enjoyed your video and what I have learned from it. I am also a high school coach and all my students will watch this video. Again thank you so much for the knowledge. I will take this information and pass it on to all my students.

Don Turner, Naples, Florida

I have all your teachings. Most of all though Building the Serve from the Ground Up has absolutely changed my tennis life completely. From being laughed at – at best – to being feared for my service spinned, kicked, flattened! Yes, what a change of self confidence when the serve functions. From there everything else can only improve. But following your teaching methods is of course important. Small steps forward. Patience. Practice with a goal.

Mogens Kock Hansen, Geneva, Switzerland
Paige Hiatt

Jim, your instruction [style] is one of the most amazing teaching and learning processes I have ever had. I've played competitively for decades, in college and now in USTA age groups, and I'm really enjoying the work with you to correct a lifetime of issues with my service motion and results. The way you use visuals, written, experiential (with the on-court work), and audio speaks to all my sensory inputs. I'm taking your Serving instruction (BTS), which are my first lessons with you, and your approach is so thorough and different than any other source of instruction. Happily rebuilding my serve in Colorado, with your wonderful insights!

Paige Hiatt, Parker, Colorado, USA

Jim, You’re BTS (Building The Serve) system is nothing short of exceptional. Really. A very simple, sequential, stepwise learning system that will improve damn near ANYONE, beginners to advanced players. Accompanying the text with short video explanations and demonstrations improves learning tremendously. I’m looking forward to taking this journey and developing my serve, especially for USTA league play, and plan on extending this knowledge to one of my promising high school players. I’m probably going to have him sign up to your site just like I have. Thanks so much!!!

Armand Gallanosa, Anderson, IN

Jim truly is passionate and resourceful! I was having difficulty with the racquet trajectory on the slice and he provided great cues and a video demonstration comparing me with a left handed player. Being a left-handed player I really appreciate his concern to truly help me. Thanks

Alexandra Franco, Quatrim do Norte, Portugal
Ken Cassady

I have read several books and watched many videos trying to build a kick second serve. This video has, by far, been the most helpful of them all. Of particular help was the slow motion completion of the swing and looking at your watch. Those types of visualization checkpoints are ideal. At age 56, improving my racquet head speed is the final task to making this my favorite shot.

Ken Cassady, The Woodlands, TX, USA

Mastering the Backhand

Jim, your integrity is outstanding. Most would have posted the original ‘Mastering the Backhand’ series and been done with it. And it was excellent. But you were not content with leaving well enough alone. Thanks so much for continuing to deliver excellent instruction that goes above and beyond.

Peter Christ, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

Outstanding additions to your previously great MTB product. Thank you! I excitedly looked at most of the new items and found them universally clear, helpful, detailed and memorable. Loved the quick written summaries. More later after I have had time to watch all of MTB a couple of times. Bravo!

Michael Tarpey, La Quinta, CA USA

The Mastering the Backhand series was excellent. It covered mechanics and techniques , as well a nuances of the backhand in terms of slices, cross court, floaters, top spin and shots that knife the ball. The Nuts and Blots section was very informative. The drills are helpful and Slo Mo videos and bonus section videos and info superb. I highly recommend this series.

Dr William Baron, Rockaway, NJ

Secrets of World Class Footwork

Teaching requires effective and simple communication. The best teachers in any field can synthesize complex subjects so that the student of the subject can understand and apply (“and apply” – most important) what is being taught without being confused by lots of detail and minutiae. “Tennis Essentials” is the best example of this type of teaching I have seen. I’ve been learning how to play tennis for the past 47 years. This was as helpful as anything I have seen. Also, Mr. McLennan, you have a humility and sincerity that is rare in any field in spite of your vast experience and the fact you clearly know what you are talking about.

Tom, Savannah, GA

The Secrets of World Class Footwork and the ETI Streamlining combination is amazing! I went through those two and my game went immediately to the next level. And with regular practice of those two, my game is improving on a daily basis. It just blows my mind!! The footwork sequences are fun, easy and can be done anywhere. I even do them in the elevator when I’m the only one in there 🙂

You’re a genius Jim! Where were you all my life!? My single handed backhand had consistency issues but now all that is gone by just using the keys from the footwork and streamlining. I’m playing my best tennis ever! Next is the Kick Serve. I’ll let you know after I’ve gone through it…

Beto Bloise

Jim is a master pro and someone that I will listen and learn from. I have already implemented a lot of concepts I learned from him on my game and with the kids and College players I help. I look forward to his insightful instructions all the time.

Beto Bloise, Cookeville, TN, USA


Jim, Streamlining is certainly the best tennis lesson I`ve read in life and Trying to do this way, it seems like Colombo`s egg. So easy , efortlessly, beautiful…

I have, as you know, all yours classes, but this I would pay again… ha ha ha.

Luiz Francisco Ramos, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Fantastic Jim! What you say actually makes sense and is a no brainer. Thanks for taking out the complexity and making it simple. The left (non dominant) hand initiating the forehand and the elbow leading up on the serve are new and key additions to my game. The Federer and Sharapova comparison of the follow through is incredible because I was taught to jump into the court. Fabulous Jim!! We should clone you and send you all over the world 🙂 Thanks Jim, I owe you big!!

Yared, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

When I signed up, the first thing I did was go through the Streamlining material, and that was absolutely a revelation.

As I absorbed the concepts and applied them in my practice, all the things I had been learning — the modern rotational techniques, relaxing and effortlessness, corkscrewing down and in and up and out, the axis of rotation on backhands that propels the racket along its path, whipping or slinging the racket, what is happening kinetically during various complexities of the serving motion, etc. — started fitting together into a simple whole.

Internalizing what is taught in Streamlining has made such a difference in my game. My new group of partners really notice the changes in my play –each time out — and frankly don’t know what to make of it. It is as if I have a secret.

At some point I realized that moving to a new level as a player does not come as a result of merely fixing some part of one’s stroke mechanics, but from fundamentally changing one’s approach as a basis for executing at that higher level of speed and effectiveness. Streamlining provides the basis for that change.

Robert, Orange County, CA USA

Mastering the Ground Game

Jim has an incredible ability to distill all groundstrokes (FH, BH, slice, drop shots, etc.) into a few set of common principles. It really helps!

Sachin, La Jolla, CA USA

What has amazed me the most is the pace you can get with no effort. By concentrating on your building blocks and keeping it smooth, I find my posture is better and my head quieter resulting in my staying with the shot longer through impact. It’s really a delicious sensation. Thanks for the great advice

John Thompson, Augusta, GA

Jim, APPLAUSE! After 1 week, MTGG succeed where lessons have failed – helping me immediately understand and start correcting the basic mechanical mistakes and flaws developed over the years.

Your ability to demystify (make confusing intricate things very simple) and to provide useable and digestible sound bites and video clips is the best I’ve ever experienced in any endeavor. The “Micro vs Macro” and “Waiting vs Weighting” are just two of the many examples where you provide incredibly effective frameworks within which I am able to self-assess and improve.

Like most, I always knew when I hit a good shot vs bad one. Now with MTGG I know the whys and can actually do something about it!

Jeff Sandler, Cherry Hill, NJ


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