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ETI "Coaches" Network library lesson plans


  • Mindful or Mindless – it is all about the ball
  • Emotions and Pressure – featuring Allen Fox
  • Mindfulness Resources
  • Calmness
  • Relaxation
  • Test you IQ
  • Stan Smith on Momentum
  • Emotional IQ Test
  • The Performance Arousal Graph
  • Playing in the Moment
  • Mindset
  • Winning the Mental Match
  • Building Self Confidence – Fred Earle
  • The Art of Winning – it is all about information

Footwork & Balance

  • Cat and Mouse
  • Early to Step To push on the ground – shorten the length of your stride
  • Moving from the Center
  • Natural Tennis
  • Agility and Balance
  • Tap Tap Tap
  • The Educated Foot – Fred Earle
  • Unit Turn and Rehearsing
  • Back and Back
  • The Gravity Turn – dynamic imbalance – thanks to Don Kerr
  • The Footwork Dance – thanks to Tom Stow

Singles Tactics

  • How to Move Forward
  • Returning the Second Serve
  • Playing the Big Points – Checklist
  • Return of Serve – Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
  • Redirect – Offense, Defense and Neutral Options
  • Length Rather than Speed
  • The Other Side of the Net
  • Creating an Accurate Assessment – match charting
  • McEnroe in Action – “Mensa Tennis”
  • Decisions - in a cross court exchange – when to go up the line?
  • Decisions – you are centered and well behind the baseline
  • Lob Early – Lob Often
  • Shorting the Ball
  • Drilled Out – Trey Waltke (an ex pro) urges coaches to use the entire court
  • Pushing – why can’t there be a better word for it
  • Sparring – learn to minimize errors
  • The (all important) First Point of the Game
  • Patterns of Play – Sampras vs Agassi – a classic point

Doubles Tactics

  • Covering (nearly all of) the Angles
  • Return the Ball Crosscourt – in front of your partner
  • Volleying to the Open Court – the untouched winner
  • Deuce Court Return of Serve Lob
  • Ad Court Return up the Middle
  • Plan B
  • Embracing the Basics of Doubles
  • Two Against One – tactical plans for Offense and Defense
  • Get the Return of Serve in Play
  • Partnering – Communicate, Assist, Compliment – in that order


  • Sidespin Forehand – up the line – dialogue and demo
  • The Passive Hinge
  • Tinkering with the Modern Forehand
  • Federer Whip
  • Natural Tennis
  • Measuring – Simplify your Preparation
  • Dimitrov – Squaringup on the Forehand
  • Forearm Rotation
  • The Heavy Ball
  • Drop Shot
  • Third Shot Attack – wide serve and forehand winner
  • Topspin – crouch then finish up
  • Inside Out Forehand- graphic
  • Reverse Forehand Lagging – dragging the hand and racquet
  • Forehand Leverage and the role of the non dominant arm


  • Slicing the Slice – underspin backhand
  • Situational Tennis and the One Handed Backhand
  • Recovery Floater
  • Drop Shot Drill
  • Topspin Mechanics
  • Wawrinka and Gasquet – commonalities
  • Roger Federer Swooping Backhand
  • Slice Drop Hits
  • Super Slo mo of the Sting
  • Purposeful Drop Hits


  • First Serve Return
  • Sequential Elements of the Federer Serve
  • On Court Takeaways of the Federer Serve
  • The Spin of your Service Toss
  • The First Touch (in the warmup) on your Serve
  • Grip Issues and the Spin Serve
  • Taming Your Toss
  • Cartwheeling – a second look
  • Milos Raonic – Sybervision
  • Serving Checklist
  • The Sidespin Serve
  • Up and Down – Down and Up
  • Three Fingered Grip
  • What is Up with the Serving Window?
  • Stay Out of Your Pocket
  • Sore Shoulder(s)
  • Badminton and the Serve
  • Stosur kicker out wide to the ad court – build you own
  • Tossing into the Swing – thanks to Blackie Jones
  • Pancho Gonzalez – loose and swiveling on the serve
  • The Leading Elbow


  • Wall to the Ball
  • Moving to and through the Volley
  • Bumping the Ball
  • No Mans Land is No Big Deal
  • Locking the Wrist
  • On Court Lessons – the Pick Up
  • On Court Lessons – the Backcourt Volley
  • Volleying to the Open Court – graphic