Steps to a Half Volley like Federer

Photos courtesy Jim Fawcette   ©jfawcette Federer astounds on the half volley He makes the most difficult of shots appear simple And this has nothing to do with so-called NO MAN’S LAND, for certainly the ball can land at your feet no matter where you are positioned. Want some simple keys to improving your half volley?

  • Always practice and play balls that are close to the line, if not barely wide or long
  • As a ball 4 inches beyond the baseline is no less difficult that one 2 inches inside the baseline
  • (and to my eye hardly anyone treats practice opportunities that way)
  • Prepare before the bounce
  • Prepare behind rather than above the ball
  • Shorten the stroke – your goal is a solid hit (not powerful just solid)
  • Stay down with the ball
  • Cut yourself some slack – for perfecting this shot will take some time
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  • Esdubya

    Reply Reply April 13, 2019

    Excellent, right to the point instructional video for a ball that can be difficult to return from anywhere on the court, including the ball one wasn’t prepared to return because it appeared that it was going to fly long, but then drops on the baseline right at our feet! A good drill to include in our practice sessions! Thank you, Jim, for another great tip!

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