The Dog Wagging Its Tail

In this photo Djokovic demonstrates perfect posture, and how his body (dog) has truly pulled the arm and racquet (tail.)

So how to synchronize the arm and body?

Getting the racquet back is not the issue, but rather the rhythm of the racket back and the rotation of the body.

Do you take the racquet back as you turn, before you turn, after you turn, in fact do you even turn at all?

The 8-Board nicely integrates the feeling of the turn and the motion of the arm, and does so for the forehand, backhand and serve.

Observe the contrary motions of the arm and body, and notice how they overlap precisely with Djokovic. On the 8-Board the trick is to rotate the body and lag the arm, so the turn precedes the arm, and on the counter turn the arm swings. Loosely, powerfully, effortlessly.

For better or worse this may be the single most important aspect of the game – namely meaning – BALANCE AND RHYTHM

PS – Our online tennis space has become very full of instructors. Emails, offers, scarcity, and for sure all about sales. During this break in the action, so to speak, allow me to simply explore ideas, nothing more. Ideas for their own sake.


  • Devan Perkash

    Reply Reply April 26, 2020

    Thanks, coach! Very interesting content.

  • Dave

    Reply Reply April 24, 2020

    I agree completely with your video but it could be improved by bringing back your racquet with a higher arc & keeping the racquet face more closed.As you come down the back of the arc & begin to swing forward ,the racquet will naturally flip so it lags more behind your hand more than your video shows. This I believe will give more racquet head speed & power if hit with a loose arm.
    I hope you won’t take my comments as a slight because I really enjoy your style of coaching & openness to feedback.

    • Jim McLennan

      Reply Reply April 29, 2020

      Dave – no worries, as regards arcs and racquet face – I was just trying to show that if an axle is vertical; (me) and the arm or racquet is age right angles – it would only swing back and forth – what has become difficult for me is to recommend one of the other – for certainly there are so many styles of play – but yes keep your comments coming – best Jim

  • Eugenio Ovalle

    Reply Reply April 24, 2020

    Glad to see that you are in the right path.

    But you touch on one point briefly, which is the most important point
    in any stroke.

    One thing that was not mention was your footwork when the ball is coming strait at you which
    is what the video of Djojovic seems to show ,

    This is what helps the rotation of the body,

    Will give you my impresion when I can go to the courts and take a video.

    Best Regards,

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