Quantum Tennis, Coaching and Your Game

Quantum from Latin for “how much.”

How much effort do you use when driving the forehand or delivering your serve?.  Not your technique just how much effort.

Some do play effortlessly, they appear fluid, with minimum muscular force they make our difficult game look easy.

Others players have trained all the technical elements, but often they perform mechanically and without ease or rhythm. Sometimes called “fighting the ball.”

We have seen (if not felt) both

I believe coaches are trained to diagnose technique, and inadvertently if not solely, focus on technical elements – the micro.  We are less schooled in the macro elements (certainly harder to measure),that include balance, posture, tempo, rhythm and how they interact.

For sure you may be missing technical elements, but what if balance, rhythm and ease are the key.  In fact at the 2000 Tennis Science and Technology conference in London, ITF coach Miguel Crespo said he teaches no mechanical elements of the serve until the motion is performed rhythmically and without effort. His comments have stayed with me.

What if a similar perspective would make a difference for you?

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  • Robert G

    Reply Reply December 27, 2021

    With regard to Quantum Golf and the analogy Jim makes regarding tennis, the same analogy (except reversed) can be made with the book Inner Tennis being applied to Golf.
    I suppose the methodology in both books could also pertain to almost any other sport too : )

  • Robert G

    Reply Reply December 27, 2021

    Love the practical, scientific, yet “Guru-ish” info that Jim imparts to his subscribers! It is empirical wisdom that sustains itself from one to another. Thanks again!

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