Jannik Sinner – sequential stills

The stills below are courtesy of my good friend Jim Fawcette – excellent camera man, he loves tennis, and he is my source for footage and so much more

Look for his videos  @JimFawcette.

With apologies I am still processing this video, but for sure Jannik Sinner plays well within the top 10 and has the skills and coaching staff to move much much higher

Elements of the serve below are really the classic/modern motion

Note the position of his right hip and knee in his physical drop – really becoming very important that the back knee can drive the back hip and shoulder up and into the ball

As his leg drive nears completion his elbow is very high, though the racquet drop is very low (both good)

Nearing contact he appears to have lost his right leg thrust (?)

Good extension at impact, nearly a straight line from the hit down to his left leg

But unusually he appears to be every so slightly descending at impact, you can reference his hat (the top of his head) lower then in the first frame

But for sure know these are just my ramblings, observations really without much analysis – on analysis maybe less is more


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