Serving with Rhythm


On Court Exercises

The following exercises identify specific elements of the serve. Do not attempt all exercises at once, but rather, start with the first exercise, and take as much time as needed until you feel comfortable, then progress in sequence to the next one and so forth.

One two three rhythm – without the ball

Position at the baseline or midcourt. Mimic an entire service motion from start to finish without the ball. Somewhat like a dress rehearsal, this exercise allows you to groove the serve, feel the legs, hips, torso, shoulders and arms, all without ever hitting the ball. Many times this rehearsal magnifies problems in balance or tempo.

Once you have the knack, begin a quiet counting of the beat. Find a musical tempo, where you can count one-two-three. More or less ONE – turn away from the net, TWO – toss,   TWO and ONE HALF-knee bend and racquet drop, and THREE – turn and extend up and into the hit.

With practice, the tempo and three count beat will become habitual.

There is one more additional benefit from 1-2-3.  Counting your beats (softly) when serving will take your mind off mechanics and all the reminders in your head when serving.  Use Nike on this, “Just Do It”


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