Mixing Things Up – Changing Length Speed and Spin

The drop shot Federer disdained the drop shot in his early years. But Roger believes it helped him capture the French Open in 2009 when opponents were often positioned deep to run down his shots At your end, if you are unable to hit through or around your opponent, or you are simply playing one…

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ETI 045 | Sidespin Serve

Pete Sampras, “I won 7 Wimbledon titles because I had the best second serve in the game.”

The second serve is about spin that will make the ball curve down as it crosses the net.  Yes it may corner the opponent and either swing them wide and out of court, or kick up into their backhand.

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ETI 044 l Topspin and the Racquet Drop

Consider the critical 24 inch hitting zone when creating topspin on a forehand or on a serve – to create this spin the racquet must be swung up from beneath the ball (12 inches) but carry upward after impact (another 12 inches) to create the rolling spin that more and more of us want in…

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ETI 036 | Spin – Changing Two Things at Once

Three factors control your tennis shot – not your feet, not your eyes, not your balance (though all of those do help) but the only three elements are; Angle of the racquet face, Swing Path and Tempo.

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ETI 030 | Forward Spin

Squaring up – Hitting the ball true – precise contact on the back of the ball.

We all know about topspin – but have you ever tried to strike the ball with true topspin – where the ball rolls forward – precisely forward?

The following drop hit drill will improve your time spent practicing on court – and help you with your forehand and or your backhand.

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SloMo Analysis of Sam Stosur’s Kick Serve

I had a chance to be courtside at a WTA tournament in Stanford California, marveling at as well as filming  Sam’s incredible serve. With an impressive run at Roland Garros to reach the finals in 2010 and her US Open title in 2011 over Serena Williams, Sam Stosur has played at the highest level of…

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Sam Stosur – the best kicker in the women’s game

I had a chance to be courtside at the recent WTA tournament in Stanford California, marveling at as well as filming this incredible serve. Following her impressive run at Roland Garros in 2010 Sam is ranked 5th on the WTA tour. A fluent all court player, previously a doubles specialist, she owns the best kick…

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Side Spin Serve – A Comparative View

The Hot Seat is a regular feature within each monthly edition of the ETI Network, where members have the opportunity to apply for a Hotseat and submit a video for review. The intent is not to criticize the volunteer, but rather to share my insights into simple solutions for common problems. Further, seeing comparative examples will open your eyes…

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