Mental Toughness – Maybe?

  The following are some of the articles in the “Mental Library” within the ETI Network Continuous Learning – willingness to change Andre Agassi – how I beat Boris Becker The Super Fluid Swing Information and Knowledge The Space Between Stimulus and Response Setting a Trap Growing your “CQ” but only if you are Curious…

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The Art of Winning and the Second Shot Pass

There is a connection here. The second shot pass is a basic strategy when your opponent takes the net – for your do want information about their volleying skills This play works best when the volleyer is centered which then reduces the volleyers natural angles. But in the main, this play creates pressure, challenges the…

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Singles Playbook – Do All Points Have Equal Value ?

Singles You have no on court coach available No doubles partner for support The winning and losing is all on you We know the feeling And more, we have won an occasional match and not known why, but equally we have lost (perhaps more than a few) matches and not known why The factors include…

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Priming – The Art of Winning

Create patterns to discover the opponent’s weakness Always listen for advertisements

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ETI 037 | The Art of Winning

80% of the points in professional end with an error, 20% with a winner.

As regards unforced errors, if your opponent never misses and is patient as the day is long, would you consider missing a routine forehand in the 12th shot of a rally a forced or unforced error.

I am now believing that errors are simply errors, and the distinction is unnecessary.

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ETI 032 | Attitude – the Space between Stimulus and Response

An excellent book, Man”s Search for Meaning, written by Victor Frankl, serves as a useful guidepost in living but equally when playing on court.

When Andy Murray hooked up with Ivan Lendl to capture his two grand slam titles, he was working at the same time with a sports psychologist (the same one who had worked with Lendl years before) to improve his attitude – to improve his emotional responses to the challenges he faced (and still faces) on court.

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ETI 031 | Building Self Confidence

One of Northern California’s legendary teachers, as well as a dear friend and mentor to me, Fred Earle penned the following 5 keys – that he expected his players to answer with a resounding yes, each and every day at the end of practice or a game.

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Andy Murray’s New Attitude – you read it here first

Ours is a wonderful, but equally ours is a very difficult game. We have all had days when we played great, sometimes unexpectedly great. And we have all had days when we played far far below our best level, said another way far below our expectations. When some say the game is 95% mental, I…

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