Loosening the Fingers – think Quantum

In physics, a quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction

Many interesting parallels have been drawn between the tennis serve and the golf swing.  Once the tennis player (or golfer) gets the feel for the mechanical elements of the serve (or golf swing) then rhythm becomes the overriding issue.

Does the swing build smoothly and gracefully?  Is there economy of effort?  Can the server (golfer) swing easily yet hit hard?

Quantum Golf, by Kjell Enhager, explores the feel of the golf swing, one’s own perception of effort, and the task of letting the club flow.

This excellent book can be just the thing to change your perspective and unlock the “secrets” of the serve.

Enhager distinguishes between a classic swing and what he calls a “Quantum Swing.”  The classic swing has all the correct biomechanical components, but is performed mechanically, and without rhythm.

The quantum swing on the other hand, is produced without effort, and this “super fluid motion” results from the classic swing performed at the correct tempo and with minimum muscular tension.

The following excerpt of Enhager’s golf tips has been rewritten for tennis.  Changes in wording from golf to tennis have been italicized.

The quantum practice grip is light and effortless. Lightly hold the racquet between your fingers. Let it swing like a pendulum. Notice how effortlessly and fast the pendulum swings. The principle is to do less and accomplish more.

A proviso – this is a very good server with balance and rhythm, he makes this look easy.

Loosening the grip truly clarifies how you swing the racquet – and this loosening thing (though very important) is equally very difficult

Proceed with caution!

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