Tennis Jujutsu – it not always “GO BIG OR GO HOME”

The martial art form “Jujutsu” involves manipulating the opponent’s force against themselves.

Phrases that arise include flexible, pliable or yielding. 

I see so much of this in Federer’s game. Especially his low, short skidding slice.

Yet somehow I find a lot of the material on the internet is about bigger shots, more power, more spin, with very little about this “other side of the street.”

Yes there is offense in tennis.  But equally there is the ability to test the opponent and win points without outright winners.

For those of you who remember players from a previous era recall Miroslav Mecir – the “Big Cat” or for sure John McEnroe. And do not forget Fabrice Santoro!!!

Yielding, pliable, flexible, manipulating their opponent’s style against them – but lethal when the court opened.

  • Are you working on finesse?
  • Can you expose your opponent’s Achilles heel?
  • Can you short the ball with a low slice to bring them to the net?
  • Our game may not always be about “go big or go home” – what is yours?        
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  • Eugenio Ovalle

    Reply Reply May 21, 2019

    Good point bringing the slice and its various applications
    This is what I call having an all court game applying variety.

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