Alcaraz Serve Live

Video courtesy Jim Fawcette   ©jfawcette

The following is research by Jim Fawcette

“You had mentioned Ferero’s role in coaching Carlos Alcaraz. Searching, it looks like he came onboard in 2018, after being fired by Zverev.

So … were Alcaraz’s strokes pretty much fully baked by then? I remember Fed saying something like “With serving, your first coach is critical because it is very hard to change your serve later.”

Alcaraz’s father was a tennis player who was “one of the top tennis players in Spain” but quit the sport at 20 years old because his family was too poor to support him playing. His father “made sure he had the full tennis toolkit”, including his drop shot.

I don’t see a specific coach listed here but: “Albert Molina, Alcaraz’s agent with I.M.G., worked with David Ferrer, the retired Spanish star, and with Ferrero, which is how the coaching connection was made in 2018 after Ferrero had split with Zverev on acrimonious terms.

Alcaraz’s coach Ferrero: ““It is difficult to compare [anyone] to Roger Federer, of course, but if I had to say one name [in comparison to Carlos], I’m looking for somebody that is very aggressive and is able to do a lot of things on the court, and Roger is the best in these situations. He can play on any surface and can play any type of style.”

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