Overhand Throwing – a Template for the Serve

Habits, Injuries, Resistance to Change – and Overhand Throwing Technique

Todd Ellenbecker, “Tennis teaching professionals can identify players of all ability levels, even high level players, who have less than optimal biomechanics on their serve.  Often … their throwing mechanics also are less than optimal and have many similar characteristic patterns.  Some of the same inherent deficiencies occur in their throwing technique that are present in their serving technique.”


Dr. Bruce Elliott, “Wayne Arthur’s had what you could describe as a ‘live arm’. To teach a live arm you need to emphasize: Relaxed action, no muscle tension, full use of the upper kinetic chain whip like action, and good use of internal rotation”


In the June 2015 issue of the STMS journal, outgoing president Javier Maquirriain wrote that in spite of the scientific evidence that relates technical mistakes with injuries, and the skill of tennis medicine specialists to diagnose and provide feedback, players resist change. He referred to a symposium at the World Congress in Rome, How much can we change a champion? He concluded aptly, “Nowadays, change is the challenge.”


Translated – I think this means that if young players without adequate throwing mechanics begin to develop their serves, the accumulation of habit over those thousands of practice events will ultimately interfere with the development of a fluid service delivery.


The materials below would be used either as an intervention or as a training template









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