Placing the Toss

For me, the phrase “place the toss” describes accuracy

But more than that, this dialogue is about whether you swing at the toss, or toss the ball into the swing. (This was one of Blackie Jones’on court lessons)

Your answer will always be influenced by the height of your toss

  • Use the repetitive videos to see the rhythm of the tossing motion

  • The hesitation of the tossing arm when fully extended

  • How the initial tossing rhythm sets the stage for the serve

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  • Jorgen Schouboe

    Reply Reply January 27, 2020

    … and in between (Tanner and the present guys) there was Henri Leconte, another leftie and maybe a little bit better than Roscoe T. (ask Sampras and Agassi about the Davis Cup final in Lyon, less than 30(!) years ago) 😉

    • Jim McLennan

      Reply Reply January 29, 2020

      Jorgen – thanks for the note – even the Bryan brothers use a quick low toss action – best Jim

  • Noushin

    Reply Reply January 7, 2020

    Many thanks for sharing your invaluable knowledge and experiences. It’s really appreciated.

    • Milton Parker

      Reply Reply January 24, 2020

      At 76, I have found the toss height has changed over the years. I now find that at 6-2 a high toss works in my favor for placement and power. Using the 4 inch separation at contact keeps my head up and improves my serve percentage. Thanks for the video.

      • Jim McLennan

        Reply Reply January 25, 2020

        Milton – toss height is perhaps a personal issue – about rhythm, about how the legs are used, and more – now I am contrasting Fognini with Zerev and how Fabio looks effortless and somehow simple – and then once there was Roscoe Tanner – best Jim

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