Roger Serving Effortlessly (E-)

On Court Exercises

The exercises identify specific elements of the serve. Do not attempt all exercises at once, but rather, start with the first exercise, and take as much time as needed until you feel comfortable, then progress in sequence to the next one and so forth.

Locate the swish point

Practicing without the ball, swing with enough speed to produce an audible swish. This should occur slightly to the right, slightly in front of you, and well above your head. The swish point locates the moment of greatest racquet head speed, truly your “spot.” Often students ask, “Where should I toss the ball?” This exercise will answer that question. If the racquet swishes above and to your right, then toss to that spot.

Far too often players toss location does not even closely match their “swish point” and you can easily notice on adjacent courts when some servers groan mightily when serving, and others seem to get racquet speed at impact without effort.

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  • Noushin

    Reply Reply January 21, 2018

    Many thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

  • David

    Reply Reply January 15, 2018

    Jim- this is enlightening. There’s some magic happening with the relaxed grip at the point of the racquet drop; in my efforts to emulate that part of the motion, I’ve noticed more of an effortless whip from the racquet drop upwards to contact in which I’m able to keep the racquet on edge until the last second to then either slice, hit flat, or attempt a kick. The spin seems nastier with less effort. Who knew? Thanks for the great instruction tips.

    • Jim McLennan

      Reply Reply January 16, 2018

      David – thanks for this note – I like your phrase about nasty spin – for truly the increased racquet head speed you are finding is just as useful for adding spin as it is for adding power – shoot me a video of your serve one of these days – let me see

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