Underspin Backhand

A bit of history here, back to my childhood coach Blackie Jones.  He specified that all my drop hits to start a rally, or to reply when another court called, “Ball please” be topspin backhands with a full backhand grip.  And he told me, most attack the opponent’s backhand, in your case they will be playing to your strength.

Overtime this morphed into an underspin as well, and it has always been that my backhand has been my favorite shot

I believe and will try to show you how the underspin can be used to shoot the ball low so it skids, feather drop shots, slow down play by hitting with less pace, lofting canny lobs, even cutting across the ball for sidespin fades up the line, but always with enough disguise that the opponent cannot anticipate the shot.












As always every shot begins with preparation –

with the weight balanced one the back foot,

with a full shoulder turn

with the elbow bent

with as Blackie said, “the bones in the forearm pointing at the ball

and with the racquet face open

all in service to PULL the racquet into the ball


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