ETI 004 | Balance – in the extreme

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Balance may be the most important but least understood element of our game.[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

And more than any other aspect, the control of your head, “poise if you will” defines your grace, your economy of effort, as well as how clearly you see the ball.

Many years ago, in my training with Tom Stow (I was in my early 20’s and had already played 4 years of college tennis) he totally remade my game with constant reference to balance, to posture, to playing with less effort and more “conk.”

Watching our very best players, you can see a similar poise, balance if you will.  Federer is the acknowledged master of all this.  But you too can start by working on how you carry your head.

As amusing (hopefully) as the drill in the video appears, see if you can see if you can perform your swings with a “ball on the hat.”.